Dell Open Stack

Dell Moves to Open Source

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Dell moves to Open Source, it definitely not easy to change the DNA of a company. Dell has already started to use many of the Open Source Products. Dell has announced that, new version of laptop which is particularly designed for the developers will be launched. Dell will sell this special “Developer Edition” in XPS13 Ultrabook version starting this fall. It comes with Ubuntu, a user friendly distribution of the open source operating system (Linux).



Dell Open Stack
Dell & OpenStack

Dell has selected OpenStack as its cloud computing services. OpenStack is one of the fastest growing open source efforts recently. OpenStack gives Dell an opportunity to compete with the major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

Dell has joined OpenCompute, project by Facebook. It is of the more interesting projects intended to open source the data center. Dell has hugely invested in the server business.

Crowbar is an open source cloud deployment framework originally developed by Dell to support Dell’s OpenStack and Hadoop powered solutions.

Will Dells’ investment in OpenSource workout and move the company to next level?

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