Marcha Real Spain’s Official Anthem with no lyrics Perez Casas Francisco Grau

Did You Know: ‘Marcha Real’ – Spain’s National Anthem has no Lyrics

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Marcha Real Spain’s Official Anthem with no lyrics Perez Casas Francisco Grau

It’s a known fact that National Anthems are musical compositions that pay homage to their country’s history, culture, traditions, struggles and people. While Anthem’s lyrics are usually written in the Country’s Most Common Language, Spain’s Official National Anthem ‘Marcha Real’ contains no lyrics.

Along with San Marino, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo, it’s one of the four national anthems in the world to have no official lyrics. According to Spain’s Royal Decree of October 10, 1997, Marcha Real should have a tone of B Major, a tempo of 76 bpm along with a form of AABB and a singing duration of 52 seconds.


Marcha Real has six different versions based on length and arrangements. Based on length, the Anthem has a Long & Complete Version and a shorter version besides the Normal one. The Longer one is meant for honoring the King, while the shorter version w/o repetitions for Princess of Asturias, President of Spain and Sporting Events. Three Versions based on Music Arrangements include one for organ, one for Military Band and one for the Orchestra.

The Anthem has orchestration by Bartolome Perez Casas and harmonization by Francisco Grau. The Harmonization by Bartolome Perez Casas exists and its copyrights are held by the Ministry of Culture. Criticism for charging Copyright fees by the Ministry for Casas’s Harmonization ultimately led to the induction of Francisco Grau’s Harmonization to the Anthem.

COURTESY: Castilla Flags (Video) | YouTube (Image)

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