Wall Lighting

Different types of Wall lighting for a Vibrant Home Space

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Are you wondering what to do with those plain, lightless walls in your household? Worry not! You can bring them to life by adding some beautiful wall lights that go with your decor. Wall lighting is a great way of illuminating your home ambience. It not only accentuates your living atmosphere but also adds a unique personality that will leave your guests in awe.

Since time immemorial, wall lights have played a major role in home lighting. Right from the ancient blazing torches to the contemporary lighting sconces, wall lighting has undergone an amazing transformation. Today, you can find these light fixtures in plenty of styles and shapes, to meet the requirements of every room in your cozy home.

Wall lighting can dramatically influence a home ambience to a great extent. Having said that, care has to be taken to ensure that the light source of your choice offers an even and unwavering radiance to every nook and corner of the living decor. Here, are a few wall lighting types that can help you add a vibrant touch to your home space.

Wall Lighting
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Wall Sconces

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Sconces are ornamental wall fittings that are capable of adding a posh look to your interiors. They are one of those oldest lighting sources and were mainly used for protecting walls from candle flames while they burned. However, today you can find a lot of modern sconces with modern bulbs that easily blend with the look and feel of any type of decor.

Wall Washers

If you have adorned your walls with paintings and other forms of artworks, wall washers are just the ones for you. These home lighting fixtures highlight the special features on your walls and also add a new definition to the room’s dimensions. They usually come with colorful LED lights that flood the walls with a spectacular glow.

Modern Lamps

Of late, home lighting lamps have gained a more modern perspective and come with special features to cope with present environmental conditions. You can find different types of lighting sources such as table lamps, floors lamps and more that are sleek, compact and energy efficient. They are also come in many different patterns and textures to go with your personal taste and style.

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