Digital marketing vs TV ads – Effective marketing strategy

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Digital marketing

Marketing is the key role in the success of every business. Without marketing or promotions, you can’t able to survive in this competitive market. Many new start-ups have been emerging and they are trying to reach the people through the creative promotional ideas. The brand awareness is very important for the business to reach certain heights at different phases. At first, you must concentrate in clear plans of allocating budget for the promotions because the business owners must need to face the new era of marketing in upcoming years and also ready to spend money on digital marketing to upsell your products or services.

Everything is digitalized in this modern era so many new start-up companies are ready to face the challenges with the innovative ideas. The current trend of marketing for your business is social media marketing. Marketing through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more is the most effective method to connect with the customers and to create awareness about your products or services. The smartphones sales have been increased due to the popular usage of social media and this is an opportunity for the business people to target their required audience to take the business to next step.


Advertising is a method of communicating your products/services to your target audience. There are so many advertising agencies who are ready to provide the leads for your business by giving advertisements in televisions or through the branded posters. In olden days they are promoted the services or products only through the newspapers. Now they transformed the marketing methods to next level by introducing many new advanced technologies and also with the help of social media.

Every business must need unique leads so that it will be easy for them to convert the lead as a sale. It’s not easy to provide leads for the business. The people must trust about the business and at the same time the product/services reach is a must. The people need to talk about the business at various places and the brand awareness is very much important for communicating the customers. Some companies are providing complete digital marketing services in Chennai, Bangalore and at many other cities. Just contact them and hand over the business to them they will reach the products or services and also, they will increase the brand reach among people in various social media through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Some business people will prefer TV ads for the promotions. The TV ads are very costly and your business advertisement will be displayed in the break at different channels. It will come for certain seconds but the cost of ads is very high along with the shoot. TV advertising campaigns typically last for a maximum three to six months depending on the objectives and budget. Once the campaign ends the brand exposure is well and good but you will not get as much expected leads for the business. On the other hand, digital marketing that is done well is actually self-sustaining 24/7, even after the campaign has ended and you will get more leads at regular interval.


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