How to Disable Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

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Advertisements can be so annoying when it exceeds to show up beyond the user’s patience. Recently, many Android phone users reported an issue after using Reliance Jio 4G SIM.  Ever since an user starts to use a Reliance Jio 4G SIM on their Android Smartphone, they were bombarded with ads repeatedly. After looking out solution for this, we have come across a method where you can successfully block Jio from showing ads too.

When the issue happens in a desktop or laptop then we can use ad blocker applications help. Since it is in the Smartphone, no other ad blocker application truly helped. Having tried with the common ways to block Jio from showing ads, it is realized that this happening for other reasons. Usual steps carried out to block Jio from showing Ads that didn’t work well.

  1. Uninstall all Jio applications from the device including MyJio, Jio 4G Voice.
  2. Update settings to revoke all permissions of Jio apps by choosing to turn off the “draw over the apps” permission for Jio apps.
  3. Using an Ad block AdAway, and try to block specific hostnames and IP addresses.
  4. Prevent Jio apps from running in the background, hibernate them by using Greenify.
  5. Disable data access to all Jio related applications by toggling background data settings.


All the above mentioned and several more ways tried out but none of these worked for a continuous period. As mentioned above, it is figured out that one of the tech blogger have found the solution for this by reaching out to the JioCare team over twitter. The solution has figured out that the Ads have to be disabled from the server side by the Jio team itself.

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Working Solutions to Block Jio from Showing Ads

  1. Note down your Smartphone device IMEI number.
  2. Contact @JioCare team over Twitter via a tweet or direct message.
  3. Convey them about the ads issue you are facing along with your IMEI number and request them to disable from the server side.

Wait for them to respond or follow up after some time, eventually you can get this sorted out without uninstalling any Jio applications on your Smartphone.

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