Discover the Best Wall Clocks to decorate your Space – Recreate your Vintage Memories

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It has been no secret that modern day clocks have taken over almost every wall in this fast digital century. Smartphone’s and fitness tracker gadgets have brought in a lot of new features but still a wall clock can never be faded in our memories.

One can stare at a wall clock and go back in memories, that tick-tick sound we used to hear in a quite atmosphere can be substituted with digital clock gadgets. Here, we are brought in some bestselling vintage clocks in recent times. Choose yourself among them to recreate all your evergreen memories you cherished in the past.

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Vintage Handicraft Double-Side Iron Clock

How many millennial out there could have seen a double-side view wall clock these days? With pure joy take a look at the Vintage Handicraft Double-side Iron Clock which has 1 year warranty online. Hand-hammered metallic antique look with the clock dial size of 8 inches. Comes up with a wall clock, 1 battery and screws for wall mounting. Buy Now

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Vintage Handicraft Peacock Blue Wall Clock

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The clock brings in a peaceful atmosphere and a natural ambiance to the space with the surreal peacock design. The handicraft peacock is designed with blue color, where the color brings calming effect. The wall clocks come with 1 year warranty and required tools to mount it elegantly. The item size 34 cm x 10.5 cm x 34 cm and a 12 inch clock dial. Buy Now

Source: Amazon

French Vintage Design Wall Clock

The French vintage wall clock design associates with a unique number font style and distinct light color selection. With a dial size of 11.75 inches in diameter, it is designed with a glass material. Unlike the other two wall clocks, this comes up with 18 months extended replacement warranty for best value online. It also equips the Japanese quartz movement design in its typical antique look. Buy Now

People have begun to create a peaceful environment with the vintage wall clock designs. Unlike the latest digital clocks, these vintage wall clocks resemble our past and keep us well informed about the golden moments.

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