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Unlimited fun

To light up the party atmosphere sparklers comes in handy. Well-organized light arrangement soothes our eyes and mind as well. Either it is Diwali, Christmas or any special occasion of their lives, people decorate their houses with lights to express their happiness. There is the number of different ideas to use 30 cm sparklers to lighten up your special day of life. Here we present you some of them, which will take no time to kill boredom from a place and convert your place to party wonderland.

Blossom Lights

Distribute tall tree planters around venue randomly to add little bit greenery. Decorate them with tiny fairy lights, all area will become brighter and ignite the mood of the party. To give a personal touch or share messages with guest add little clips on lights and stick your photos or personalized messages to them, it is convenient to do it by yourself too.

Oversize Alphabets

Use oversize alphabets decorate them with little lights. They are great props to highlight the dance floor, defining the area and inviting guests over. Choose the letter wisely, which goes well with the venue theme all together.

Hanging Umbrellas or Lanterns

Hang colorful umbrellas or lanterns to prominence spot like the inning table or dessert table and embellish them with matching lights. For a fascinating looking floor, add some metal lantern with interesting figures on them. Reflection of umbrellas and lanterns will produce visible patterns on the floor.  They make great features in the wedding aisle or marquees, too.

Designated Gift Area

Up cycle cardboard boxes, which are no longer in use by wrapping them in shimmering gift-wraps. Make replicas of gift box, stack them up, and decorate them with a nest of twinkling lights. Dazzling lights with shining wraps will convert your pieces in instant artwork. It will be easier for guest to recognize designated gift area.

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Winter Wonderland

Combination of glass and lights can convert any ordinary place to the winter wonderland in no time. All you have to do spread wonderful artifacts made of glass around the venue and decorate them with sparklers for frozen effect. If your guest are not too comfy in your cold castle swap sky blue lights with a warm orange colour to make them feel home and cosy. Add some flickering lights to chandeliers as well to add up some character to the ceiling.

For unlimited fun, if you believe in extra bling in a party then wrap beams of a venue with colorful lights or hang nets of starry lights on the walls of the venue. To add up the extra character to party place interesting props around the venue, which complement the occasion like for wedding ceremony replica of bride and groom, or royal horse carriage. Make them stand out in dark as well embellish them with lights. Moreover, you can put sparklers wholesale anywhere to add warm shine to the occasion. Like little fairy lights in flowerpots to make flowers looks prettier or decorate the floor with lights to make it easy for guest at nighttime. After all, we all know the light is a symbol of brightness and prosperity and its shine brings blessing in our lives.

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