Do you know the facts & Myths of Packaging – here it is!

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Packaging is one of the most vital selling tools for a business. While most businesses understand the importance of packaging, they make several mistakes. Some spend overtly on packaging assuming that’s how things work while some keep it basic and assume their products will speak for them. Every business needs branding and it is your packaging that promotes it. However, you need to plan it carefully so that it gives you higher returns. We have tried busting a few common packaging myths to help you recognize your needs for packaging better.

List of 10 Common Facts & Myths of Packaging:


Look for the Cheapest Deal:

That’s perceived wisdom. Most sellers and business owners opt for the cheapest form of packaging available when they start the business. But do you know that a D-cut plastic bag or colorful or printed poly bags would impart the “wow” factor to the customer over regular polythenes or low-quality bags. Look for a good economical deal and not just a cheap one.

Packaging Adds to Cost:

Packaging is never a cost, it is an investment. You interact with your end user through packaging. The entire unboxing experience is what makes a lasting impression in your customer’s mind and improves brand identity. Good packaging also saves you the cost on product returns, damage to the product during transit or pilferage.

Labels are ok, Custom Printed Packaging isn’t required:

The difference in cost between printing and packaging may not be very high if you buy in bulk. However, their impact on the mind of the buyer is what makes the difference. Custom printed bags or screen printed envelopes will make your brand stand out in the competition. It is also difficult to maintain esthetics in labels, add to it the hassle of pasting them individually on each package and having a consistent final look.

Packaging Adds to Waste:

Most packaging materials & products today are recyclable or eco-friendly. It adds to waste because people litter and throw it around.

Over Packaging:

You might not need a cover,corrugated box, stuffing, bubble wrap rolls, or stretch film for basic documents or apparel but fragile or expensive items need proper packaging. It is not called over packaging, it is essential packaging. Similarly, tamper-proof envelopes are better to ship legal documents than regular self-seal plastic envelopes.

Only Costly Packaging Helps in Branding:

Most of the printing and packaging services or e-commerce startups assume that to make the packaging stand out or look classy, they need to spend big bucks. The truth is, you just need to choose the right packaging products and get them customized which is not expensive. Good packaging is essential just like clean and pressed clothes to create an equally good impression as branded clothes.

Newspapers are enough for stuffing:

They might be enough to stuff things you are taking along with you on personal trips but not when you ship goods to customers. It not only looks tacky but also has no guarantee against damages or breakageAir cushion filling system or securing your package with bubble wrap is a must.

Regular Seal Envelopes are safe:

Regular seal and peel envelopes may be adequate to mail letters or forms but important documents like contracts, legal papers, educational documents, examination papers or other such material require more safeguarding and hence you need to opt for tamper evident poly envelopes.


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