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Millennials were the ones who were easily fooled by others in today’s world. Millennials indicates any person who reach young adulthood in the early 21st century. If you are a youngster out there using the internet and gadgets then you must probably be a millennial.

For a long time and still we were provided with many falls information and taught to believe them as the truth but in fact they are just misconceptions. Read along and get to know how we fooled by showing the fake shape of the world and wrong size of the countries in our day to day maps.


Mostly the 80s, 90s born are considered to be the millennials. The shape of the world and size of the countries taught to us in during our schoolings are not the truth at all. Have you ever given the thought that we say that the “World is somewhat flat but it taught as connected and represented to us in a spherical shape?

Geometrically can turn a sphere into the shape of a rectangle or square as we say the world is flat. Simply put, imaging diving the world global toy and turning it into a rectangle or square shape? It can’t be done, if you get this then you were probably not going to be fooled any more.


For only representational purposes we were provided with today’s map we use which is none other than the typical Google Maps. The representation name of the google map is “MERCATOR” representation. Similarly, we have thousands and thousands of representations available. So, which is the one map which shows the truly shape of the world and size of the countries?



Find the above representation which is of the “MERCATOR” style of representation. As mentioned above, this is the representation used in Google Maps and in various other areas. This map representation is popular for its specific reasons. This project displays the shape of countries without any major glitches.


The main reason behind using this MERCATOR representation is that it provides effective navigation by the lines drawn in the map. But the drawback in this representation is that it fails in showing the true size of countries as you can see the size of Iceland and Africa is shown equal but in nature it is not true.


Similar, there are the two major projections present which were named as “GALL-PETERS” which is referred as the equal area map as it provides the accurate shape but the countries shapes displayed is not accurate. The third representation is the “WINKEL TRIPEL” which is considered to be the map adopted by National Geographic. The best way to know the true shape and size of the earth is too have a global around yourself.

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