Do You Make These Simple Mistakes in Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, the new parents will have feelings of joy, romance, depression, disconnectedness, shock, and hope. Well, it’s a common thing, and typically all the expecting mothers are incredibly cautious about their well being, regular eating habits and other nuances of pregnancy. Even though mommies are conscientious, there are still chances that make them fall prey to some common mistakes. Why because, for each and every right decision, there may be an equal amount of mistakes and misconceptions. Don’t get fret out, here we have listed out some of the common mistakes that women make during pregnancy. Rectify it and get back on track now.

Mistakes Pregnant Women Make During Their Trimester

Eat for Two

We generally ring on this phrase called “Eat for Two” during pregnancy. Will it make sense? Never! For human beings, the daily calorie requirement is roughly between 1800 to 2000 calories. Will it be a healthy choice for the tiny fetus to grow and develop? No. What they need is the correct amount of nutrition. So, eat nutrient-rich foods and be cautious about overweight. Because, gaining weight over this period can put you in the risk of conditions like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and even negotiate you to have a c-section pregnancy during delivery.

How You Will Overcome It?

Don’t eat what your heart says; eat what your brain strikes out! Yes, if you have been eating through your heart, check your diet immediately. Accordingly, fill your plate with a portion of fruits, green vegetables, nuts, eggs, and intake right kind of nutrition. Well, the idea is to have six small balanced diets throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. So, keep your hunger pang healthier and restrict your intake during cravings.

Avoid Self-Medication

Headache, fever, and even cold are common during pregnancy, but taking off self-medication is a wise choice? No never! You are not supposed to use paracetamol or antacids or any acne creams during pregnant. Yes, self-medication can adversely affect your pregnancy and can even lead to congenital abnormalities in your baby.

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How Will You Overcome It?

As said earlier, you cannot self-medicate at any cost during pregnancy. Only you can take pills that are prescribed by your doctor. Your physician will recommend you to take lots of vitamins and iron dosages to fulfill your hungry pang, but if you feel nauseated, better talk to your fertility specialist in Chennai for a change of brand. In addition to this, if acidity, headache or cold is troubling you during this time get help from an expert or follow any home remedies which are prescribed by our younger generations.

Lack of Sleep

Keep in mind; pregnancy is not a time to play you as a superwoman. So, don’t be a sacrifice on your sleep, especially if you’re a working woman. Why because the hormonal and physical changes happen within your body demands more rest and makes you physically fit enough to go through the strains of labor and delivery. Try to make up your sleep deficit and prepare for the arduous journey of pregnancy.

How Will You Overcome It?

Go earlier to sleep and wake up an hour later. Or else, hire a cook maid or ask your family members to chip up your works. During the working time in office, seek permission from the higher official to take a power nap during your breaks. If not, then don’t miss to take rest during weekends.

Pick Healthcare Hastily

Birthing is a personal and emotional experience, so don’t get ruined by sacrificing your desire. Before choosing the best fertility hospital in Chennai, ask yourself what kind of birthing plan makes you comfortable, and the clinic has the means to support your decision. Knowledge yourself with a different type of birthing and choose what would be preferred for yourself.

How Will You Overcome It?

Prepare a clean draft on your birth plan on what you need and check whether the criterion available in the hospital you choose. If you’re getting confused on this, ask suggestion from the gynecologist around your area. If your desire doesn’t match on your present clinics, talk to your neighborhoods, and explore other option for a change.

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