Do You Truly Want To Happiness In Your Life? Try These Drugs, You Will Be Happy Forever

Who will say ‘NO’ to a question like this? I bet no one. All of us want to stay happy in this unpredictable life. We never know when we will win a million dollars or kill ourselves in traffic anxiety, or get a new baby born.

Instead of running behind true happiness, we were forced to run behind face unlock gadgets or get hold of a 9-5 routine lifestyle. If you ever want to improve yourself and live a happy life, it is time now.

Before going any further, get to the mirror and ask yourself, ‘How happy you need this year to be for yourself?’.

A couple celebrating.
A couple celebrating.


Beautiful things oftentimes can be achieved by just doing simple things, but often, they are portrayed to be hard to do. You can become the person you want to become just by letting yourself do these things. Start with walking for 15 minutes daily and track the number of steps. You never know know how daily walking for a couple of minutes changes your life to happiness. You should walk for walking’s sake, not to meet or give something to someone.

DRUG NO: 2 – READ a book for 15 MINUTES DAILY

It may sound pretty usual to hear advice to read books. But that is the truth, reading a book continuously will help you live a happy life in many ways. As Mark Twain said, “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”


When you read books day to day on a routine basis, then subconsciously, you are growing millions of neurons in your brain which link the information in your brain to become more creative and confident in social life. Start simply by reading a book that interests you. Lots of people start with Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone.


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To stay at happiness and peace, we need to give up on unnecessary hardships that are often created by overthinking relationships and others. Never mind, however, the situation is, you must understand that you can control anything and everything that is around you.


You can control yourself and how you can react to those who bring unwanted struggles and negativity. Throw yourself around people who elevate the conversation and yourself, and you will also become that person. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Whatever your new year resolution, the above three things will surely pave the way for a beautiful year. Improving ourselves constantly with positivity and beautiful thoughts is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the world at any point in time.

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