Documents To Check While Buying A Second Hand Car in Hyderabad

A vehicle’s documents are an essential component that you cannot overlook. When purchasing a new vehicle, they are readily available to the buyers; however, this may not be the case when purchasing a used vehicle. The merchant could neglect them or purposely keep them away from you. Whatever the cause, you should always be aware of the paperwork you should obtain and verify when purchasing second hand cars in Hyderabad.

Documents To Check While Buying A Second Hand Car in Hyderabad
Documents To Check While Buying A Second Hand Car in Hyderabad

Listed below are all the documents you should enquire about:

  • Registration Certificate: The Registration Certificate (RC), which is essentially a card that summarises the complete vehicle, is the most important used automobile paperwork available. It contains details such as the chassis number, registration number, date of registration, owner name, and owner serial number. Instead of the smart cards that are currently accessible, older cars required RC books. It is crucial to confirm the owner’s serial number, registration date, the state in which the vehicle has been registered, and the fuel type when buying an automobile. The RC must be properly updated with any changes to the engine, colour, or owner count.
  • Insurance Papers: The process needs to be started well in advance if the consumer wants to keep the existing insurance of the prior owner. You should verify the timely payment of the premium, the seller’s claim history, and the policy’s expiration date when transferring insurance. The customer should be well-aware of the policy’s terms and conditions, including the exclusions.
  • Service Records Book: The service records provide a detailed picture of the car’s history, albeit there are other ways to evaluate the health of the vehicle. You’ll have a better understanding of the car’s condition and maintenance history after looking through the service records. You’ll also learn whether any parts were replaced or if the automobile had any damages that needed to be fixed.
  • Car Purchase Invoice: When owning a used car, the invoice from the purchase is an important document. While it goes without saying that the second owner should have an invoice as proof of receipt, the invoice from the dealership demonstrates the validity of the prior owner’s purchase of the vehicle. If you buy it from a used car dealership or a car dealer, this will be easily accessible, but if you buy it from a private seller, you must make sure you fill out an invoice sheet with both parties’ signatures to prevent confusion.
  • Forms 28, 29 and 30: In order to purchase a secondhand car in India, Forms 29 and 30 are necessary paperwork. The seller must complete Form 29, sign two copies, and give a copy to the buyer in order to complete the second hand cars in hyderabad vehicle registration process. After that, the purchaser will provide the same at the RTO for ownership transfer. The application for the intimation and transfer of car ownership is Form 30, while Form 29 is the notice of transfer of car ownership. When car ownership is transferred between states, Form 28 — the No Objection Certificate — must be completed.
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Keep in mind the above mentioned documents and more like the Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate, Road Tax Receipt, No Objection Certificate and more for a seamless process. Check out Truebil, one of India’s top used car dealers for the most convenient experience!

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