Does back pain cause due to genetic problem: Reasons to know?

Back pain
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Back pain is a common condition that affects almost every one of us at one time or another. Understanding the different causes of back pain is essential in helping us prevent what may start as a minor pain from becoming a potentially debilitating condition.


With more and more information coming out about the functioning of our genes, there is a constant debate within all races of scientists on the co-relation between our back pain and our genetics. Our genes are our blueprint. They carry all information regarding our makeup and structure to even the detailed formation of our entire structure. It is diagnosed that specific chemical reaction happening in these genes leads to various health issues and diseases.


Is there a proven genetic link?

When the back pain gets elevated, it is essential to prone some emotional traits. Some of its symptoms come from parents. On the other hand, family medical history could be the cause of back pain. It can be happened due to family medical history. It can be successfully cured, and any back pain can treat immediately if treated immediately.


In a recent study conducted by the best spine surgery hospital in Chennai, which is also acclaimed to be the best ortho hospital in Chennai, it is found that that pain susceptibility or pain tolerance is inherited, it may be that some families have a higher awareness of pain than others.


Similarly, lifestyle choices between family members must also be taken into account. Obesity within a family or how a family tends to “carry” their weight is one example. An overweight or obese person who carries their weight around their abdomen will experience additional stress on the lower back. As the extra weight is not evenly distributed, the pressure at the front of the body can result in an abnormal curve in the lower spine.

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There are other abnormalities can be occurred due to back pain. However, this condition may vary to person-to-person. At the time of birth, vertebrae genes poorly formed for a defective gene condition. This condition is scarce.


It’s important to remember that the spine is an extremely complex structure that plays a significant role in the functionality of many processes within the body. It is therefore critical to look after our spinal health, whether we may be at risk of genetic conditions or not.


Many factors can lead to knowledge about back pain. You should be careful to treat it, and you will get the best solution if you diagnose it immediately. You can go to an orthopedic doctor and make yourself pain-free. Back pain is not a severe problem, but it should be treated on time. If you are experiencing any back pain, you should contact immediately to ortho doctor. They know how to handle this pain and give you immediate resolution. You will have pain free life, and you can have better treatment by visiting the doctor.

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