Dog Eat Dog S**T

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I travel to my workplace on a crippled two-wheeler wading and wandering through streets which are untidy, small and have open sewers giving an unpleasant smell which makes me wonder if I am actually living in a metropolitan city. Though this has slowly crippled my two-wheeler I still continue to travel in similar routes as it helps me beat the rush hour traffic & not to mention the hot & humid weather. It also helps me save time & gasoline (read money!) & the environment too! If you are driving on the highway or main road then you need to keep your focus on the road all the time because even a one second lapse in concentration can prove to be catastrophic as a lot of people drive rash and have no traffic sense. But if you are driving on the streets and driving slowly then you can look around your surroundings for anything interesting (read girls). Most of the girls in the city aren’t good-looking and the good looking girls are difficult to spot so I do mind my surroundings seriously to ensure I do not miss to sight any of them.

During one such expedition I came across a sight which was very disturbing to say the least (Don’t get excited/upset, this has got nothing to do with girls!). We may live in a dog-eat-dog world but I did not know that we also live in a world where a dog has to eat its own feces (literally) for survival. I have heard that humans in remote and extremely poor nations eat their own excretion, which is more disturbing & disheartening, but this was the first time I actually saw a species eat its own s**t and I felt woeful about it.

All my family members are dog lovers and we feed our street dogs regularly even though it means spending 1000 rupees every month (that is a lot of money!) so this was a sight which none of us would bear. I immediately went to a nearby grocery store and bought a big pack of biscuit for the pups. But by the time I came back to the spot they had gone elsewhere and I could not see them. Unable to take that sight out of my mind I was determined to feed the pups so I began a search and rescue operation on my retarded two-wheeler (even though I was getting late for office as usual!) and I finally found them in another street playing beneath a car (Eureka!!). I broke the biscuits in pieces and fed the pups, they ate to their heart’s content.


I entered my office with my head held high as if I had done a very noble deed, as if I saved the lives of two pups, as if I had changed the world for the better, blah blah…! The incident also changed the way I look at things… since then, my crippled two wheeler isn’t looking so crippled… since then, the same streets don’t appear all that untidy & small… since then, I have been grateful to life that, even though it has given me more than my fair share of problems, it has always given me three proper meals everyday. And yes, since then, the same girls of this city aren’t looking so bad either!

Street Dogs
Photo Credit: keeptalkinggreece

PS: Don’t ask me how I know that the s**t was dog s**t!


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