Don’t Skimp on Your Design or Print Quality- Ways to Save Money on Brochure Printing

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With the advent of printing technology, the business of brochure printing is booming. Not only in big cities, in small town India also this is becoming a reality and a means of employment for the masses. With an emergent market for content creators, the printing business is here to stay, and it is worth analyzing what are going to be key differentiator in this ecosystem and the industry it services.

Sivakasi – The small town for printing needs

This story is about how brochure printing in Sivakasi, which is now really becoming a classic business case study where the market demand for cheap affordable and high-quality printing capability was met with good technology and well trained human capital with minimal over-heads and an absolute will to succeed.

Interestingly, when you think about a small town like Sivakasi, your first thought is not about brochure printing or business excellence, rather the city is well known for its firecrackers and matchbox industry. But surprisingly, this sleepy city in the state of Tamil Nadu is also known for its printing industry which came into existence in early 20-th century. The town has about 520 registered printing industries and between the three sectors, over 250,000 people are employed with an estimated turnover of well over US $ 290 million. The printing industry in Sivakasi has an estimated worth of around 1000 crores. The market is expected to show huge growth every year and is as huge as 10 to 15% annually.Certainly not a business opportunity that can be ignored because it not set-up in a metro such as Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras or Bangalore.

What the business men and women in Sivakasi understood early in the game was that even though the industry was started for local needs, it is one day going to be scaled to cater the entire country and even may go international.  This vision had them work on adopting advanced printing technology as and when it showed up in the open market and also, they also invested heavily in continuous training of its workers. Through these efforts, they were able to reduce the cost of printing not only for brochures but also for other products such as posters, leaflets, stickers, tags, danglers, mailers, diaries, calendars etc.

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The printing industry in Sivakasi is wellknown for not skimping on quality along with huge quantity of work they accomplish each year. They deploy latest in digital scanning and processing technology along with years of experience and continuously trained workers on the printing assembly lines. Also, most of the institutions in this part of the word are ISO certified and boasts of enviable process in place that are slowly but surely being acknowledged as being gold standard in the printing industry.

Moreover, Sivakasi’s yearlong climatic conditions (i.e. dry weather) and availability of cheap and skilled workforce make this city more unique than any other Indian cities where business owners and clients around the world wouldn’t be forced to skimp on design, creativity or print quality just to save on money.

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