E-book vs Printed Books – Future of Reading

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Growing up with technology, rooms are occupied with gadgets rather than books. It’s not that passion for reading has gone down but the usage of books has reduced.

What has replaced books?

Books are not replaced. Printed books are getting replaced by E-books i.e. Electronic books. E-books are in a data format that can be accessed through any gadget with the help of the internet.

It all started in the 20th century, the origin of E-books. The evolution of E-books has evolved with the evolution of the internet and technology.

The benefit of e-book over printed books

  • Content: Both books share the same content with pictures, indexes, texts and words by the author.
  • Portability: Printed books are heavy to carry due to its hardcover bookbinding whereas e-books can be accessed from anywhere even through portable gadgets such as Smartphone, laptops, etc. just with the help of the internet. The weight of printed books is reduced by using notebook printing covers which are light in weight than hardcover bookbinding making printed books a little easy to carry.
  • Power usage: E-books need electric power and internet to be accessed whereas printed books never need these powers. Charging is not required when using printed books.
  • Eye-strain: Eye strain is more in book reading for a longer time. While reading e-books eyes get more strained due to the brightness and power on the screen but this can also be changed because every gadget has several applications on reducing brightness as such to reduce such type of eye strain whereas one can’t get these exposures i n case of printed books.
  • Cost: E-books are cheaper when compared to printed books. The cost of a printed book includes the cost of raw material such as paper and ink as well as includes the printing cost.

It also includes the cost and labour charges for hardcover bookbinding and printing of all the pages in the book.

  • The requirement of labor: Labour requirement is high in the case of printed books. Just typing the book and editing them and uploading them on the internet is how an e-book is published.
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But, printed books are to be typed, printed as many copies as paper wise and each copy is to be piled up according to the page numbers and are to be done with the binding and then published as numerous copies.

  • Ease of reading: E-books can be used single-handedly while printed books are to be handled with both the hands. The font size adjustments can be done in case of e-books but not in printed books.

Printed books are still preferred by readers and are commonly used too. Most schools and colleges prefer printed books rather than e-books. But when it comes to regular reading of books such as novels, comics, and guides for references, e-books are preferred the more.

And it’s up to one’s personal view on choosing which book to read based on their ease of reading and the way they can access. Book reading practice has to be enforced either for an e-book or for the printed book.

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