E-Book Vs Printing Book – Best choice of preferences

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E-Book Vs Printed Books – What’s your choice of preference? From cassette tapes to CDs, from VHS to DHS, from Walkman to MP3 players and more have been involved in this fast-paced world are getting even tighter now. The next round of format battle begins, which is best choice-E-book or printed books.

Each and everyone has a unique choice of style and preferences, but there are loyalists on both sides. Yes, some people believe that print books are dead and with normalization in ebook sales some are saying it’s time to ditch digital format. We believe in both formats and here is an in-depth discussion on why.

Reading Preferences

If you exclusively look for books in Apple’s iBook store, you won’t find your printed books. At the same time, if you’re solely looking at your local independent bookstore, you won’t find your ebook. Some may be considered as a hybrid reader because they seem to buy books situationally. Yes, imagine an avid reader who can occasionally prefer paper books while reading at the park or relaxing at home. The same reader can prefer an ebook while traveling with a limited luggage space or in a dark area where frontlet screens come in handy.

Ebook Vs Printed Books- Factors To Consider Depending Upon The Readers Preference

Printed Words with Paper Crisp

Still, some avid fans remain crazy for reading printed books. Yes, they exclaim that there is some feel when they sense the smell of the paper, and the rustle of the pages as the readers flip gently through the book with their fingers. Overall, it is something that deeply intimate about the entire experience, and it is the one that cannot be derived from the e-book version.

Read Well & Sleep Well

Why some people still insist on the habit of reading books before going to bed? The reason behind this is a sweet sleep. Yes, it is scientifically proved that reading book at night time will relax off your mood swings. On the other hand, the high usage of ebook contributes to eye strains, itching, burning eyes, and visual fatigue. Why because the rays from the artificial lights defile the quality of the slumber and can even cause insomnia.

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Fondness of Books

Even in this digital world, still, there are thousands of book lovers who the feel of the book that gives them. Wow, its pleasant smell humanly touches and the classy looks make it a perfect love for a reader. For this, book printing in Sivakasi has to make their library with numerous printing technology advances.

World Has Gone Digital

For convenience, efficiency, shareability, and conservation of documents, photos, and videos, the world has gone digital everywhere. For an avid reader who reads more than 10 books per year, consider purchasing a device that will let you do other things, like Web surfing or e-mailing, to bring down your overall carbon footprint. On the other hand, imagine ten 1000-page medical or accounting books in a one half-kilo e-book reader or tablet, how’s that for hassle-free student life? With the e-book, however, a reader can take hundreds of books with them on the journey, and only take up a few square inches in their carry-on bag.

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