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I think the term “success” can be defined differently by many people. For me, I have opposite success compared to you. I have little Google Adsense profit but for affiliate marketing, I am rocking as hell. I think it is not about luck, but the strategy and mindset behind it. Nobody can promise you anything when it comes to affiliate marketing, because it depends on YOU!

Yes, Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online but the truth is, not every affiliate marketing blog will make any decent amount of income. But, let me offer some unique secrets for success. Come on guys, here are some secrets to make your affiliate business out of the box and I am damn sure you’ll earn a lot. Shall we, dive into this? Let’s start.

The Key To Make Top-Dollar Affiliate Income

I don’t have a magic button for you, and no one does, but what I can do is break down some facts regarding my own success. Let’s start with a really, really important point that on the surface you might not realize is there. This intangible factor is “Staying Unique“.

If you search on Google, you will realize that there are a lot of people who are promoting a product. Let’s take an example using this product “The Lost Ways.”

First thing, what the hell is this? I seriously have no idea (no joke).

Second thing, there are 1,83,00,00,000 results when I search on Google, Oouch…

Third thing, what are people talking about? See below.


Now, take a moment to understand this. Everyone is talking about “The Lost Ways” and “The Lost Ways Review,” right? Instead of this, make some interesting tweaks and stand your post in a unique way to grab more audience as well as more revenue. With is the very beginning step, let’s have some more advanced marketing secrets.

Pick Out Your Pillar Products

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If you’re having a long-form go-to resource post on your blog, you should also have a handful of pillar products to promote as an affiliate. While identifying your products, look for must-have resources that relate to your key content categories.

As an example; if you are a homeschool blogger, your pillar affiliate products may include a printables regarding the place of purchasing, the best homeschool planner you suggests, the best place to purchase curriculum and maybe a membership site, support group or convention. Think about any frequently asked questions you receive when seeking out products.

Offering readers too many options can sometimes send them elsewhere looking for additional reviews or advice.

Set Up Redirects

If you have been blogging for any length of time, you know affiliate products come and go. Occasionally they change platforms. Rather than having to seek out every instance of a link in your blog posts, eBooks and elsewhere, I highly recommend setting up redirects for linking to affiliate products.

The benefits of redirecting are many. In addition to being able to switch out one link and having every link everywhere updated, you are also going to have “clean” links for sharing on social media.

Track Your Conversions Using Google Analytics

If you aren’t using any plugin you may even add Event tracking in your Google Analytics so you can identify which posts are making you the most money. You can then update and promote these frequently to increase your bottom line.

Another benefit to Event tracking is that you will be able to see what traffic is clicking – and most likely buying. You can then concentrate your marketing efforts where you are getting the best results whether that might be Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, search traffic, etc.

Use URL Builder To Trickle Down More Traffic

Generally, Google analytics provide you some insights regarding where your income traffic I coming from and it leaves a lot to be desired for the advanced affiliate marketer. To track out traffic, you may see Email as a referrer, but which email? Is it your welcome email sending you traffic or was it your weekly newsletter? The same thing goes for social media. Is the traffic from Facebook or someone else’s? Or was it a Facebook Ad or Boosted Post?

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When you are ready to start whittling down your traffic sources, it only takes a second. Google URL Builder allows you to put in tracking tags before sharing your link on social media, in an email or an ad. You’ll start seeing the traffic trickle down over time to your affiliate links. As the level of traffic to your blog increases, so may your affiliate marketing sales.

Rework on Old Posts

Yes, getting bewildered, right? Many of us think that to start affiliate marketing, they need to create new content that revolves around the product they want to promote. Their next thought is, affiliate marketing doesn’t work out well when their glowing product reviews don’t generate immediate income.  I just rethink this approach and make some changes on my old posts which give top-most traffic results.

Work backward, find most of the popular posts and start updating these frequently visited posts. Before posting, make sure the information is up-to-date and check whether those existing links still working.

Now, start plugging in some of those pillar affiliate products that are a good fit. Don’t shove them all in there. Instead, choose strategically. Thinking back to that homeschool example, if the post is about curriculum add a recommendation for where to purchase those products. Add your affiliate banner within the post. Don’t go overboard. Recommendations should be a side note and add to the post, not take away from it.

Crave More Information – Grab your Chance Now!

I’ve given you the few levels of affiliate marketing secrets, but there’s a ton more for you to learn before you can get profitable. Be a billionaire and change the future of your business today! Now it’s your turn, unlock the secrets of strategic math to earn $100k per year here.

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