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Eco friendly

Generally, a new business is faced with a multitude of challenges in every part of their successful growth. To stand in the success revenue growth and to make a mark, it not only has to produce quality products and services but also has to create a distinct brand which paves the way for profitable outcomes. Hence, it becomes pivotal to know what aspects one needs to take into consideration to set their business apart with the target audience.

According to the recent study by Nasscom, over $ 5 million worth of investment in 2018 and 6-7 start-ups are emerging every day. It is projected that the number of startups in India will increase to more than 11, 500 by 2020. By these stats, it is evident that there is a steep rise in the emergence of new entrepreneurs who are looking forward to the profitable business opportunities. So, it would be contextual to discuss as to what can set these new businesses apart from the rest of the crowd.


To be precise, for business start-ups the excellent packaging is the first step to establish a brand image that reflects the brand perception. An increasing number of packaging supply companies are awakening to the importance of sustainability in product packaging. Brands are looking forward to incorporating eco-friendly packaging initiatives to build a brand reputation among their like-minded customers.

Optimized usage Of Materials

If the package layers reduced, the packaging itself reduced so, optimize the use of materials with the lower mass and volume. For this, you can use some software like Cape Systems and TOPS Pro to find out the optimal combination of packaging materials and box size. The unique application in this software is, it will find out the great accuracy of packaging even if your products are of odd shapes and sizes. Further, instead of using traditional bubble wrap, you may use the latest air cushion rolls because it is cost-effective and space savvy. Also, you may also opt for the new types of protective material that are eco-friendly.

Use Unique Ink Materials

Yes, instead of using any chemicals for printing images and texts on your products, use inks made from the milk protein or food. For instance, take Soy inks, which are sustainable and releases zero VOCs and thus deinked and recycling process be more straightforward than ever. Moreover, use unique biodegradable plastic and corn-starch-based materials to minimize environmental impact.

Try to Reduce Usage Of Energy

As a paper box manufacturer, try to use the paper box for any of your products such as food, electric, garment and more. Why because it takes only less energy to manufacture paper while compared to steel or aluminum. It is lightweight, and if your product is placed in the paper package, the overall weight will not increase enormously. Thus, lighter packaging amounts to less fuel in shipping and hence helps to save energy.

Less Waste With Increased Usage

Always, reusability of packaging plays a vital role with the sustainable packaging. Yes, it should be encouraged by the Auto manufacturers to move their items to their automobile factories. When it comes to packaging, reusable bottles for milk, beer and soda can create more consideration for the environment. So, think of it and create your packaging wrap as a reusable rather than tossed away shortly after opening your product. This helps to increase your customer base and remember your brand and product whenever your packaging is re-used.


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