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Emotional journal writing also known as journal therapy is a great way to comprehend complex emotions that may be causing mental discomfort to an individual. It is a writing therapy that utilizes reflective writing which helps an individual to clear off mental clutter and achieve emotional and mental clarity by writing down thoughts, feeling and experiences as writing them down on a paper helps you understand and analyze the way you are feeling and experiencing things. For being a sort of therapy, emotional journal writing can be a great healer of emotional issues and help writer recover from relationship issues, addiction or illness.

How to write Emotional Journal?

Emotional journal writing is not a work of fiction or literature. It involves a true representation of feeling and current mental state of mind on a piece of paper. Listed below are the pointers that you may refer to as write an effective emotional journal.

  • Be more expressive of your real feelings: The very idea of emotional journal writing personalized diaries is to be open about your feelings and document them on paper. You need not be partial while recording your feelings and emotions as that would defy the actual purposes of therapy, the journal therapy. It is a normal human tendency that people tend to limit expression of their feeling as they fear other people discovering them. In that case, one should keep the emotional journal in a place that is accessible to you only, but, should not have limited expression of emotions and feelings.
  • Write “As is” feelings: It is really important to be unbiased and non-judgmental while writing emotional journal. You are not supposed to be critical of how you feel and ways or writing-styles to record your feelings during emotional journal writing as any such attempt may dilute the very purpose of journal therapy. Instead, you are required to simply write out about any given incident, as is experienced.
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 Benefits of Emotional Journal Writing

  • Stress Management: Emotional Journal Writing has proved out to an effective activity to manage and reduce stress among people. It has been observed that writing down your feeling on a piece of paper carries the same curative effect as taking to any counsellor or a friend. Online 2018 diaries gives you a great boost psychologically and helps you handle anxiety and anger in an effective way. 
  • Better perspective of life: The practice of writing emotional journal brings out clarity and better understanding of ones feelings and emotions that help people understand their behaviors. Emotional Journal writing also helps people analyze and comprehend different behaviors that give a better understanding of incidents happening around them making them more compassionate and empathetic.

 Healing Prowess: Emotional journal writing is a kind of writing therapy that is employed as an effective healing measure by medical practitioners to treat patients with emotional, physical or psychological problems. As stress affects body as well as mind of an individual, emotional journal writing helps in healing by providing a medium to emotional pain or stress and eventually relieves physical, emotional or psychological problem.

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