Father love
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Father love

Life is a journey in itself and marriage occupies a beautiful part into it. When it comes to marriage, both the bride and groom might set expectations on how things should go about. Doesn’t matter how well you organize it, there are going to be beautiful moments happening while you meeting your friend in the dais after a long time, friends performing a flash mob, and many more events. Among these, there is going to be emotions overflowing to express the joy with their families. These moments will stay with you forever and you should never miss out having them on a grand day.


Marriage is the universal traditions in the world, celebrated differently by everyone. All the unique wedding culture focuses on one thing primarily. It is to make someone’s special day extra special. One unique tradition we came across recently is the “Peruvian Cake Pull”.

Wedding cake

This is actually to bring joy to the guests who appeared for the wedding. It will be like having a grand cake and several ribbons tied within it. Single female guests in the arena are requested to pull one ribbon each. There will be one specific tied with a fake wedding ring, the person who gets that ribbon is said to be next in line for marriage.


Suddenly you feel everything around is changing for good. Planning, organizing and executing a marriage is a long process and it brings some most significant moments. Things like choosing a wedding invitation card, wedding hall, music bands, and other bring joy and excitement.

The integration of technology in everything around us eases up planning for these things, for example, one can simply opt for wedding cards online, browse the best invitation designs and choose as they like. Similarly, for wedding halls, wedding sparklers, listen to the music band works online, etc.

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Things may look normal on the reception day and slowly it will reveal the emotional aspects of the big day. In the western world, the bride and their family have a tearful moment.


It all opens up with the bride getting a grip that she is moving into the hands of another person. They all hug each other as they burst into tears during the ceremony and congratulating for the wedding.

In Indian traditions, the father and the bride have a special tender moment. The most tearful moment is that of the dad’s beloved daughter will head to the groom’s home according to their customs. Leaving the parental home where one has grown up all these days will certainly tend to be emotional.

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