Enjoy Healthy Eating With Resistant Starch Foods

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Starches are commonly consumed food type of Carbohydrates. Starch intake plays a vital role in today’s healthy diet and is considered an important source of energy for many people. Starch is a good source of fiber, calcium, vitamin B and iron. Starches are classified as complex carbs since they consist of many sugar molecules joined together. Traditionally, complex carbs have been viewed as healthier options. They can also be consumed in large quantities but, provided starchy foods are not cooked or served with a lot of fat and portion sizes are moderate, they are relatively low in calories. Whole-food starches gradually release sugar into the blood. Some of the rich sources of starchy foods which are available with starch manufacturers in India 

Potatoes are a great choice of starchy food and a good source of energy, fiber, B vitamins, and potassium. In the UK, we also get a lot of our vitamin C from potatoes – although they only contain vitamin C in small amounts, we generally eat a lot of them. They’re good value for money and can be a healthy choice. Although potatoes are vegetables, in the UK we mostly eat them as the starchy food part of a meal, and they’re a good source of carbohydrate in our diets.

Bread is an especially wholemeal, granary, brown and seeded varieties. It is a healthy choice to eat as part of a balanced diet. Wholegrain, wholemeal and brown bread give us energy that contains B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber along with a wide range of minerals. White bread also contains a range of vitamins and minerals, but it has less fiber than whole grain, wholemeal or brown bread. If you prefer white bread, look for higher-fiber options.

Cornmeal is a type of coarse flour made by grinding dried corn kernels. It is naturally gluten-free, which means it is safe to eat if you have celiac disease. Although cornmeal contains some nutrients, it is very high in carbs and starch. One cup contains 126 grams of carbs, of which 117 grams is starch. If you are choosing cornmeal, opt for a whole grain instead of a de-germed variety. When cornmeal is de-germed, it loses some fiber and nutrients.

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Rice and Grains:
Rice and grains are an excellent choice of starchy food which provide us energy in low fat. Rice such as arborio, basmati, long grain, and brown rice is one of good value for money. The brown and wholegrain are a source of fiber which can help the body to get rid of waste products. Boiled whole grains, such as brown rice, wild rice, barley, or oatmeal are higher in volume and viscosity because they are rich in fiber. The content of vitamin B help to produce energy from the intake of food and help the body function properly.

Eating more fiber can help you feel fuller longer between your meals that will prevent cravings and snack attacks that can ruin your diet. Find your needed starch foods from available starch manufacturers in your region and get your benefits from them.

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