Essential Smartphone Apps

Essential Apps
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Essential Smartphone Apps

For many, a lot of daily activities/routines revolve around smartphone making it a part of their life. With the presence the smartphone commands, here’s a brief look at the list of essential basic apps that every smartphone must have.



Developed by True Software Scandinavia, this app identifies unknown numbers and block unwanted spam and customer service calls saving the users from the confusion of answering/ignoring calls.




Smart Booster

Developed by AntTek Mobiles, this app improves the overall functionality of the phone by boosting your RAM(killing low priority and unwanted application running thereby reducing hanging of phone), cleans your Cache.




Battery Doctor

A product of Cheetah Mobiles, this  app gives an accurate estimate of the battery time, increases the battery time by optimizing running apps.


Battery Doctor


Speed Test

Developed by Ookla, this app tests and displays the upload and download speed, connection reliability of mobile internet, WiFi etc.




Avast Mobile Security

Product of Avast Software, this app scans and protects your smartphone from unwanted virus, malware, phishing attacks.


Avast Mobile Security


ES File Explorer

Developed by ES App Group(, this File Managing app explores all kinds of files and performs all file operations(copy,paste,cut) in your phone.




Open Signal

Developed by, this app detects and displays the strength of mobile radio signal and the corresponding tower connecting it, provides reliability of the internet connection in the area.





Developed by Intsig, this app identifies the documents present in the pictures(bills,papers,id cards etc.) and converts them into readable documents formats by scanning them.




Block It

Developed by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH  which is Similar to Block Ads Add-on in browser. This  IP Address Blocker app  blocks unwanted/malicious popup, ads while browsing pages.


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