All of us wanted to achieve greatness in our lives, few born with the mentality to go after it and some figure it after they have grown up. Not all the children in this world get the required amount of exposure to life. Even for us; the adults not able to properly understand or get exposed to what we want to do with life and how we should approach the goal. At some point in time, we all struck with something that we believe to chase after and if you are yet to figure it out, we hope you do it sooner. With the purpose, there is no growth at all irrespective how hard we work at anything.

Source: mattmcwilliams
Source: mattmcwilliams


It might sound strange to hear that “Willpower is unworthy”, and I had this notion too at first. But there is a lot of meaning behind it that truly makes sense. So, carry on reading to uncover it. We all have thought that the will power is something which helps in making a permanent change to our lives and achieving what we wanted in life. But, you have to understand that will power is the thing that keeping us away from achieving our success mark.


Let’s consider ‘Bob’ (fictional) wanted to give up on smoking. In order for Bob to give up on smoking, he must fight with the temptation of smoking all day. When he sees someone smoking on the road, he reminds himself that he must not smoke. When he finds the weather so warm, he might be tempted for a smoke but frustrated Bob brings his will power to fight against the temptation. At some point, he get exhausted fighting with the temptation to avoid doing what he should not.


Let our second fictional character be ‘Sara’. Sara committed herself to quit smoking. When someone commits herself or himself to achieve something, then even the odds cannot be lurking in the way. That means, when you are totally committed to something, it helps you to develop a routine where you are fully focused on what you want to achieve rather what you have to avoid.

If you are committed to it, then you won’t give a thought whether to get up or snooze that 5 AM alarm. If you are just going along with Will Power, then you have to fight with your inner self to give up the temptation of sleeping bit longer. Would you want to fight with inner self or bang, you to feel in line with your inner self and get going even seconds before the alarm start to ring. Got the point?.


If you had your focus on continually avoiding the temptation, then at some point the will power exhaust and you end up giving up on the focus and letting the temptation succeed. In the other hand, Commitment is that, once you made a decision, then that is final. You never have to think again on the decision, as your focus will be in making ways to achieve the end point. Being committed will not let you slip from your goal.

Note: This post is inspired from the article from Ideapod.


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