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Do you struggle with low self esteem? Stop worrying, because you are not alone. Every one of us at some point in our lives tends to struggle with low self esteem. There is a reason to it as well. The first thing we must do is to accept we have low self esteem, most of us just hide this in front of others and project ourselves as confident. In reality, this will not help in the long run and how can you build a positive and high self esteem you would ask? Here are the working ways to take you away from low esteem and build a positive relationship with everyone around.


Believe it or not, low self esteem does not take birth by others reactions but by our own thoughts and mindset. Assume a situation where you have to make yourself available at a specific time the next day. But on the previous day, your mind repeatedly creates thoughts that what will happen if you didn’t make there on time.

You think of someone mocking you or giving comments if you didn’t what that needs to be done. The less you give power to these thoughts, the less you will suffer. If you would like to know more on this, then pick up this book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, remember this is your life and don’t let others to win your game. Buy Now


The next major thing for low self esteem is that you don’t take good care of yourselves. This includes your health, dressing, attitude, etc. You could be someone who does not brush the teeth, showering regularly and often dress poorly and crave for junk food, alcohol or drugs.

You don’t have to turn yourself into a star but keeping yourself clean starting from your outfit and that takes care of your attitude and eventually your friends will start to like you. This should do a lot of good to uplift your self esteem to a whole new level.

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