Exam preparation tips for class 7

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Exam preparation tips for class 7

Stress during exams is very common. Some students can handle but many cannot. Controlling stress is important because it can get worse and show a negative impact on the results. Today I’m going to help you with some tips to reduce stress and focus on studies. Below are some exam preparation tips for class 7. You can checkout the NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Maths.

Syllabus and Schedule:

This is the first step before you start studying. It is mandatory to understand the syllabus as you get the outline of your syllabus of each subject. Once you get outline of the syllabus you need to make a study timetable.

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Break time and Distractions:

Make sure to go on breaks. May it be a tea break, a walk or nap etc is required to refresh your mind. But do not waste your time in playing video games or watching TV etc as it can make your eyes feel tired and make you sleepy while studying.

Make notes:

Write points to remember, year of establishment or discovery, formulas etc on sheets or sticky notes. Also, practice drawing flowcharts and diagrams so you can remember the concepts without any confusion while you attempt that question in the exam. All this will help you during revision.

Revise and stay positive:

Finish studying the portions weeks before your final exam. You need enough time to revise before the final examination. Practice chapter wise test and attend mock tests as this will help you to improve more and make you confident in exam. Taking up practice tests will also increase your writing speed. Last but not the least it is very important to take care of yourself. Have a sound sleep, exercise daily, sleep well and drink plenty of water. Click here to download notes and ebooks for NCERT class 7 to prepare and score well in your 7th grade.

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