Excellent Growth & Development of Child begins in Early Stage

Stages of Child
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It is very important and essential for all of us to lead a healthy life right from the beginning i.e. from childhood early stage in order to make the future healthy with strong foundation. The healthy living or keeping the baby nourished with healthy foods right from early stage is very essential and important for the growth and proper development of little children.

Though the doctors give lots of advice but the health of baby totally depends on the choices of parents. It is very simple to take care of growing baby only by making few changes in the daily routine. The ultrasound of baby gives the real picture of child’s health in womb. For checking the health of mother and child both, obstetrician suggests for blood tests for checking any possible diseases or any birth defects in child and there are many best fertility hospital in Chennai where best obstetrician are available and health checkups can be done very perfectly.

Different Tips of Providing Nourishment to Child for being Healthy

There are fertility specialist in Chennai who are highly knowledgeable and talented, provides different tips of nourishment to child for keeping them healthy and fit are as follows:

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  • Exercise: The regular exercise is beneficial for maintaining the weight so that it may not increase. The physical activity improves and boost up the self confidence. The doctor also suggests the appropriate exercises for pregnant mothers and as a result babies are also healthy in womb by leading the healthy lifestyle.
  • Eat Right items in right proportion: The foods which are eaten play an important role in the development and growth of unborn baby. For proper growth and development of baby, it is essential to take certain nutrients. Therefore it is important to take right proportion of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, iron and fiber as these food provides folate which prevents the defects of birth.
  • The sources of proteins like are lean meat, nuts and beans; these are nutrients which are essential for healthy growth. Always prefer drinking low fat milk and also eat cheese and yoghurt as these foods are main source of Calcium, which baby needs for bone development.
  • Avoid certain items: It is very important to avoid certain things to give baby a healthy growing. It is very important to avoid certain things which does not cause any harm to child. During pregnancy it is important to avoid drink, smoke or taking any kind of drugs. Since all these creates serious health problems and various birth problems or birth defects. It is advised to all the mothers who are pregnant, to avoid raw or uncooked meat or eggs as they have harmful bacteria, which may leads to different types of dangerous food borne illness. And it is also advised by doctors that intake of caffeine from tea, coffee and soda would be dangerous. It is also advised to the mothers who are pregnant that don’t drink herbal teas without consulting the doctor.
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