Experience the Taste of Pasta Varieties – Delicious Recipes

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Pasta is a traditional Italian food and technically is a type of noodles. Pasta has always been famous for all foods all over the world for its ease of cooking and versatility. Pasta, similar noodles is made from semolina flour. Which is extracted from durum wheat. Durum wheat is slightly yellow in color which is what gives pasta its yellow color as well.

Pasta comes in various shapes and textures. It has to be cooked or boiled differently depends on the type of it. Some like angel hair is very delicate and probably need only a few minutes to cook while shells might take a bit longer. There are more than 600 interesting varieties of pasta from around the world. Pasta also proves to be a healthy food when basic ingredients are swapped with nutritive ones. Pasta is a diverse food that can be had with vegetables as well as meat and sea foods. Here are some types of pasta.


Ravioli pasta is square shaped sheets of dough are stuffed with cheese, figs, meat, and vegetables. Ravioli is usually cooked with light sauces and be served with some olive oil, butter, cream, and seasoning. Fettuccine Alfredo is one of well-known pasta variety and mostly used in thick and creamy pasta dishes.

It is best with the combination made from cheese, butter, milk, and pepper. The love for this pasta is too high that February 7 is celebrated as National Alfredo Day in Italy. Penne is tube-shaped pasta is about two inches long and cut diagonally at both ends. This type of pasta is a perfect bed for most sauces and toppings.

Spaghetti is a famous American favorite pasta, is a thin cylindrical shaped paste. spaghetti goes well with sauces that have oil or cream in them. It can also be taken with vegetables, seafood, and meat. It needs to be soft at all times so that you can slurp the long strands in all at once. Shell pasta comes in many different sizes and the cook time depends solely on that. It’s got a rough texture and if left unattended after boiling, it tends to stick together. Bucatini, a similar to spaghetti, is hollow with great taste in casseroles and stewed in a broth with fresh tomatoes. Acini di Pepe Sometimes referred to as pastina, acini di pepe means “small parts of the pepper” in Italian.

It is known for its miniscule size and rounded shape which makes it versatile enough to be welcome in a wide range of dishes. Kheer is creamy Indian pasta pudding is popular in Indian celebrations and festivals. It is made by boiling rice or wheat with milk and sugar, and it can be flavored with cardamom, raisins or nuts. In India, Pasta is one of the fast-growing segment of the food industry.  Pasta is a very popular dish and its demand is increasing day by day. Many foods manufacture like starch exporters in India showing their interest in past making and supply all over the country. As a wheat derived staple food, it is very much favorite food among kids and adults. You can also order pasta online and experience the rich taste of pasta varieties.


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