Experts Myths about Drinking Caffeine during Pregnancy-Find Out!

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Are you pregnant? You must be having a countless number of questions in your mind like what to eat? What to not? What to do? What to not? But most of the questions came from the arena of eating. For example, a lot of women have a question in their mind about caffeine intake during the pregnancy and this article is all about it. Let us start!

Caffeine is the thing or eatable which is the part of almost everyone’s life. Some people have them in mild quantity, some people have them in moderate quantity or some people have them in excess. It can be explained with the help of an example. Some people have 3-4 cups of tea on the whole day, some people have 4-8 cups of tea on the whole day or some people have 8-12 cups of the tea on the whole day. But whatever it is, it does not matter a lot but if you are pregnant then trust me, dear, it seriously matter a lot.

Pregnancy and caffeine are the two things, which cannot be mixed and should not be mixed. The day you got to know about your pregnancy, should be the last day of caffeine in your house till pregnancy. Most of the people rely on the tea or coffee to get through the day or to remain active in the whole day. But once your pregnancy is confirmed, keep one thing in mind that stop relying on the things like coffee or tea to get through the day. In layman’s language, caffeine can seriously damage your health in the phase of pregnancy. There are no women who would love to get the disastrous effects of the caffeine on their body or to their baby’s body. If you are still not convinced, read further.

Although it is advised to restrict the caffeine intake during the pregnancy if you cannot restrict the same then you should maintain the limit of it. Try not to have more than 200 milligrams of caffeine in the whole day. Whether it is in form of coffee or tea or any energy drink, do not exceed the limit because it can have several harmful effects on the body of the baby as well as you.

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Do you know what are the two things which should not happen during your pregnancy? The first one is high blood pressure and the second is high heart rate. Caffeine is the diuretic as well as a stimulant. It has the ability to stimulate the heart and leads to the high heart rate as well as high blood pressure. So, you can avoid it by reducing the amount of caffeine intake and in this way you can save you as well as your baby.

If you have any questions in your mind that try to ask it from your doctor. If you are pregnant, find the best fertility hospital in Chennai or the best fertility center in the area in which you are living.

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