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Explore the jungle through Mowgli’s Eyes – Jungle Book 360° VR Clip

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Apart from its storytelling and breath-taking visuals, The Jungle Book had characters that stuck in our minds and hearts with amazing voice-overs backed by excellent CGI and sound effects. Anyone who walked out of the theatre would have turned hysterical by King Louie, the giant-sized orangutan ruling the Bandhar-Log. The special effects team worked hard to ensure the monkey-king’s facial features echoed Christopher Walken’s for fans to see Walken in the creature. Watch the below 360° VR video to experience King Louie and his group of money warriors through Mowgli’s eyes.


Jungle Book was Commercially and Critically acclaimed captivating audience minds with its creativity, visualizations and mind-blowing special effects. With production values costing $175 million, Jungle Book became a blockbuster upon its release and grossed $935 million (5 times its production cost). Scenes involving Mowgli were shot at Los Angeles Center Studios involving animal puppets and blue screen (See the movie’s making) while the jungle and animals were entirely created using computer animation.

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