Expose Your Brand in Storytelling – Pros and Cons of Essential Elements

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Storytelling is a technique in which we try to connect the customers through some sort of emotions. It is widely being used by brands to promote their products and marketing their brands. Storytelling has been helping brands throughout the globe in marketing brands and making trust with customers. Storytelling is a very useful method for business owners to craft their message to the customers in a beautiful or emotional manner. It catches the attention of the customers and they get interested in your brand which helps in increasing sales and revenue.

Storytelling is a unique and important technique that brand owners use to help their customers not only to know about the products and services but also build an emotional connection between them which makes the customers loyal to the company for many years. Just like Samsung TV ad, where they show a Samsung tv repair service guy traveling from city to the inside of the village through mountains and lakes. And when he finally reaches at that house from where he receives repairing service order, all of the unstable children started coming out to watch a show in which a member from them is singing on that TV. Samsung agreed, after that ad, they experience massive sale in their product, this is the power of storytelling. Samsung raises the emotions of the customers and shows their branding which in turn helps them to achieve massive sales. Storytelling helps you in branding as well as getting unique leads.

Storytelling in marketing involves –

  1. Design – Use unique and attractive imagery as a part of storytelling. It could be audio, video, image, etc.
  2. Usefulness – Show your audience why should they get or service or products? How they are useful to them.
  3. Personality – Don’t just release your storytelling for the sake of it. Do your research, know your products suites for which personality.
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Story grabs attention

As a marketer, we know that we are intruders in people’s life. Very few people try to find out for the advertisement while others try to reduce the marketing from their lives using various tools like ad-blocker. But as a business owner, we try to reach out to more customers through multiple ads. Storytelling is the best way to that. Generally, peoples are interested in watching and reading fun stuff. Once you show them what their interests in by storytelling and grab the attention it will be easy to target them.

Stories sell better

As the above mention, stories build interest in your brand. It not only just builds interest in your brand but also sell your products. A recent ad from Samsung helps them to boost up their sales rapidly. There are various pros and cons of this, some of them mentioned below


  1. Increase sales.
  2. Build brand trust.
  3. Build an emotional relationship with customers.
  4. Can cover a huge customer base.


  1. If not planned properly it won’t work well.
  2. Loss of money and time if not planned.
  3. Needs unique creativity and its time-consuming.
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