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At Surfolks, we have been continuously stressing that how technology is shaping our lives for the future. Almost a month ago we were intrigued by the announcement of new smartphone application by WhatsApp to benefit small businesses around the world. In its recent blog post, WhatsApp officially confirmed and released WHATSAPP BUSINESS BETA version for select countries.

This came as a big boost to present small businesses and to those who were searching for positive news to start a new business as well. Read along and know the design, look and features of new WhatsApp Business application and how it helps business to shine in our digital world.



Now we have two applications in the name of WHATSAPP AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS, it is important to understand the difference between them. The former is for everyone to connect with their friends, families, and neighbors which limited to non-commercial use. The later WHATSAPP BUSINESS app is intended specifically for businesses to setup a profile in WhatsApp to reach their customer in an effective way.



The initial release of WhatsApp Business application is rolled out in Google Play for Android users. The app is applicable to download for people living in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K and the U.S for free.

The application can be seen with its new logo which is similar to that of regular WhatsApp but with a ‘B’ (Business) in it.


The application is intended to help small business to unleash the potential of digital technologies and help grow their businesses. Through the WhatsApp Business app, it becomes easier for companies to connect with consumers in a more convenient manner.

Business Profiles: The app features to set up a business profile detailing with the business information such as description, email or store addresses, and website for consumers to reach out to them easily.

Messaging Tools: communicate faster and also in a meaningful way with customers. The messaging tools feature provides tools that will help you send Quick Replies to consumer queries, share frequently asked questions, greetings and anything that could help the costumers understand the business and its services.

Message Statistics: The metrics is the important aspect in this digital era as we play with huge amount of data. With message statistics, you will be provided simple metrics to review the message received, sent, etc.

WhatsApp Web: Of course, you have guessed it right. This enables you to send and receive message with Desktop computers for WhatsApp Business.

Account Type: Business will help consumers by letting them know that this is a business account through which the customer will be sure he is checking with the right business only. This is achieved by business WhatsApp account getting confirmed status which provides authenticity to customers as it will contain business phone number, and other required information.

As things goes by, we may expect the application to be available to all corners of the world. Until then and always we can continue to use the regular WhatsApp as usual.


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