Facebook tests its News Feed with a new form of Related Articles

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The social networking giant Facebook came up with a new strategy to show related articles in its News Feed. The feature is in the testing stage and will hit LIVE anytime soon. You may esquire the related content feature is something we already in Facebook, but these were available for Videos and articles since its launch in 2013. Since the platform enables us to share any type of content irrespective of it being an image, video or an article.



Facebook announced the new test for the Related Article feature in its News Feed. The feature has been launched earlier in the year 2013 where it have shown related stories right below the content we are displayed in the News Feed. Facebook the social networking and advertising company have constantly thriving to bring creative and innovative strategies to the digital marketing world.


So what is going to be the difference in its latest test? In the new test, Facebook working on to show related stories before even action on to read the article. The related feed suggestions will be based on the content we are reading, similar articles from the same publisher, similar topic content from different publishers which enables to fact check the story. Looking at the pace at which the companies like Facebook and Tesla working hard enough to take the human race forward and to a whole new level is really appreciable.

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