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Facebook, the social networking giant has brought in another cool feature dubbed as “Groups for Pages”. Social media has changed the face of connecting people together forever. Youngsters connecting through chat applications and Families are getting connected through Video call specific applications.

The next big thing Facebook unveiling to connect us with what we want is through the Facebook pages. This facility lets you run a fan club in several cases you be an artist, a business, a brand or a newspaper. Using the feature effectively will definitely boost the growth of social media pages to a new extent.

Facebook Group for Pages
Image source: Facebook


The possibilities of consuming information from social media is ever changing in an uplifting way. The idea behind the social network Facebook is to help us consume all the information we need in one place with people we love to.

Whether you are a student, teacher, artist, business man, a brand or a broadcasting newspaper, you will be given the key to collate your existing Facebook page audience and create a fan club out of them.

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Facebook consists of an estimated amount of 70M pages on numerous categories they fall into. With this privilege, a Fan page authority (admin or editor) can create their own brand communities and help deliver targeted feeds to them.

image source: Facebook
image source: Facebook


This is a significant step for business to engage in their interests on Facebook more efficiently. Until now Pages have not been provided with the privilege to post in groups, a brand can connect with a group is only through their personal profile.

From here on wards you should be able to post on Groups on behind of the brand Facebook page itself. This helps in promoting the page to a wider untouched audience as well giving the users a reliable space to communicate with the brand rather with usual way.


Business looking to skyrocket their page presence may jump into random Facebook groups and involve in spread their recent offers and deals. On the other hand, Facebook spam-detecting AI should track the risk of social network becoming a spam-fest. Yesterday Facebook ‘Spam Detection Tool’ accidentally taken down Catholic Pages with Millions of Followers.

It is believed that the feature has been rolled out to US users and expected be available to all regions in a couple of days’ time. The true potential of the feature can only be measured by putting it into the test.

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