Fascinating Engineering: Floating Waterfalls in Versailles

Fascinating Engineering Floating Waterfalls in Versailles Olafur Eliasson
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Fascinating Engineering Floating Waterfalls in Versailles Olafur Eliasson

The world renowned Chateau of Versailles acclaimed for its architectural magnificence and luxurious decorations adds one more jewel to its crown by exhibiting Olafur Eliasson’ s “Floating Waterfall”. The palace presently features three outdoor installations related to water and various interior art exhibits as a part of its contemporary art exhibition hosted annually. Opened on June 7, the exhibits will be on display till October 30th.

Descending from midair to the Grand Canal, The Towering Waterfall seems to have no credible water source when viewed from the front steps of the palace.  The Waterfall’s construction is composed of a vertical tower built by interconnecting yellow steel girders in a criss-cross structure and is visible to the audience when viewed from sideways to the falls. Water is pumped through a network of pipes to a platform at the top of the tower from where it surfaces.

Fascinating Engineering Floating Waterfalls in Versailles Architecture Olafur Eliasson

The Danish artist’s inspiration came from King Louis XIV’s head architect who envisioned an ambitious water structure which wasn’t realized. Other Installations from Eliasson include Glacial Rock Flour Garden showcasing the sediment of retracting glaciers and Fog Assembly that envelopes audience in a cloud of mist.


According to Eliasson, “This waterfall reinvigorates the engineering ingenuity of the past. It is as constructed as the court was, and I’ve left the construction open for all to see – a seemingly foreign element that expands the scope of human imagination.


VIDEO COURTESY: France 24 English

IMAGE COURTESY: Dezeen.com | TravelandLeisure.com

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