Favorite addiction in 2018 – Tea or coffee

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tea or coffee

As you all know that, beverage wakes up us and let us be ready to do our tasks in a brisk way. There are people that drink both tea and coffee as their morning beverage. We can address tea drinkers and coffee drinkers all over the world. Here, we are going to discuss which is people’s favorite – tea or coffee? It is needless to mention that, the amount of caffeine is more in coffee while comparing to tea, this makes tea a healthy beverage than coffee. People that found of drinking tea will have a lesser risk of getting stroke or heart disease. The report says that tea boosts the brain’s health and makes you ready immediately for your tasks.

With this statement, we cannot come to a decision that, tea is better than coffee. The reason is that there are coffee lovers who want to drink coffee every now and then. You can find people that would like to have a cup of caffeine in their every beverage. If that is the case with you, coffee is your choice. Preparing tea or coffee is more than easy with the ready-made mixes available on the market. Yes, if you want to prepare tea, you can buy tea mix online and make tea within some seconds. You can now prepare tea without making your tea vessels staining a lot. Yes, you can buy readymade tea bag and prepare tea.


Pros and Cons of Tea


  • A cup of tea will refresh your mind like nothing.
  • Tea is an anti-cancer beverage.
  • The brain will work faster with a cup of tea.
  • Tea is a socialized drink.
  • A cup of tea boosts your immune system.


  • Taking tea at night will give you sleepless nights.
  • More consumption of tea will result in kidney damage.
  • More consumption of tea will lead to burning sensation in the chest and stomach.

Pros and Cons of Coffee


  • A cup of coffee will boost your physical performance.
  • You can lose weight with coffee.
  • Concentration will be enhanced with drinking coffee.
  • Prevent Parkinson’s disease and type II diabetes.
  • Risk of suicide will be lessened.


  • Drinking more cups of coffee can turn into toxic.
  • Insomnia and restlessness will be felt by people that drink more coffee.
  • More coffee can kill you.
  • Women should not take more coffee during pregnancy.

So, both coffee and tea have their own pros and cons. Now, it is up to you to decide which one is better for you according to your likes and dislikes and your physical fitness. No matter, what kind of beverage you are going to take, but you should not take it more. If you have limited cups of tea or coffee, then you can be healthy and risk-free. You can buy coffee mix online to prepare healthy coffee. Filter coffee is a better choice for people that have high cholesterol. You can reckon your taste preferences when choosing the beverage for you.



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