Features of Hands Clipart and Download Hands Clipart Free

Hands clipart may look simple but can bear a lot of meaning.  The image cuts across different themes and sends different messages to people all over the world. With this being said, when choosing a hand clipart there are different things that you may want to consider:-

Features of Hands Clipart and Download Hands Clipart Free 1


The hand clipart gives different messages depending on the gesture the hand is making. Open hands may mean welcome or acceptance while a closed fist implies strength. Clasped hands sends a message of togetherness and unity while palms lifted in midair can show a sign of surrender or admittance. A handshake can also mean peace or togetherness or in some cultures an agreement or the beginning of a contract. The messages may differ depending on different cultures but the availability of the hand clipart images on our site is endless.


Different colors have different meanings and when combined with the different hand clipart available bring out different messages. A handshake clipart of both white and black descent displays unity between races.  Colorful hands raised high in midair also displays unity across all kinds of people through different walks of life.


With so much to cover on the simple hand clipart, creativity is needed and that is why our team of experts work tireless to produce the very best high quality hand clipart on a day to day basis.  They cover different themes and ensure that the right message is put across without creating any ambiguity to your viewers.

Free Downloads

Not only do ClipartMax have high quality and creative hand clipart but downloads are also free. You also do not have to sign in or create an account with us to download the images. There is also no limit in the number of downloads you can make from the website.

Hands clipart are quite unique and have been used as logos with different companies around the world. Most of the hands clipart are used by charity organizations and in some cases NGO organizations too. They mostly imply a message of togetherness, giving, sharing and acceptance. We take all this into considerations when creating the clipart and from this unique and high quality images are born.  The hands clipart on our site are not generic or cliché but unique and simple. They cover a wide range of themes and topics and cut across different cultures from different parts of the world.

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