Finding “The One”

Finding “The One” 1
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Guest Blog by Pranesh

A very famous proverb in Tamil goes – “Veedakattipaaru, kalyanampannipaaru” literally meaning that building a house and conducting a marriage is no small task!

Let’s face it – finding a house and spouse is not easy! A lot goes into building a house and a marriage, for these two events are the most important in one’s life. They lay the foundation of a happy home and a beautiful life.

Once you have found “the one” to spend the rest of your life with, choosing your place to live in becomes the next most important priority in life – for this is the place you will be making the most beautiful memories, to carry with you, for life.

Considering that you will soon be starting your life with your life partner, there is a lot that will go into taking a decision to buy your own home. Here are a few pointers to help you make a good decision on the location of your House.

  • Privacy:
  • Choose the location of your house wisely. Since you will be married soon, you will want a lot of privacy and lone time with your spouse. Choose a place that is peaceful and ensures you have enough privacy.

  • Work Place:
  • Remember! The house you choose must be conveniently located such that it is not too far away from your and your partner’s work place. If both of you work on two either ends of the city, let the choice of location be favorable to your wife.

  • Security:
  • The house and location must be secure to both of you. There must be enough security in around the House and location that you choose.

  • Access to amenities:
  • The house must be centrally located. See to it that there is easy access to amenities utilities and facilities like hospitals, departmental stores transportation facilities

  • Entertainment:
  • Just in-case you make up your mind about spending the weekend in the city, decide on a house that is close-by Shopping malls, Movie theatres and multiplexes, restaurants, etc.

Decide on a location for your house such that you do not end up spending most of your time traveling when ideally you would want to spend more time with your spouse. Keep these pointers in mind while deciding your future house and you are good to go!

Wishing you luck in your journey of finding “The One” – house & spouse!!!

About the author: Pranesh, is a professional blogger, who specializes in writing blogs on real estate, interior decor and lifestyle. The author gives expert tips in finding the right locality to invest and also get tips from him, before you buy Apartment in Chennai and 1 BHK Apartment in Chennai.

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