First Things a Woman Notices in Men – Tips to Impress Women Every Time

First Things a Woman Notices in Men – Tips to Impress Women Every Time 1
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Getting attracted to the opposite sex or grooming ourselves for others attraction is law of the nature. Of course, internet is full of memes on Singles & Committed but in reality both of them are struggling to get attraction from the opposite sex. Especially men find it difficult to impress a woman and regrets later on the missed opportunities.

This happens solely due to being not aware of what attracts a woman. What they show in the movies is not going to happen in reality. So we have brought you what a typical woman notices in a man and how man can groom himself to impress her sensibly.

First Things a Woman Notices in Men – Tips to Impress Women Every Time 2
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Women Notice Your Face

Stop trying to get that style of a movie superstar, women truly don’t love that. They get attracted to what is unique and not someone who mimics a famous personality. The first tip is get yourself the stylist haircut and prefer a proper shave with the right gadgets. Buy Now

Your Smile

Even though they won’t let you know but they certainly brag about your soothing smile to their friends. So, having a captivating smile is quite an asset. It’s more of the welcome sign while meeting or greeting someone out of a sudden or can be a planned one. Clean your teeth with the best toothpaste and mouth wash lotion for best performance. Buy Now

First Things a Woman Notices in Men – Tips to Impress Women Every Time 3
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Greetings & Manners

It’s obvious that no one gets interested in someone who is rugged and arrogant. With all common sense, you have to give out a kind gesture and make her feel you are a well mannered person. That certainly brings in a lot of attraction towards you, a particular study says. A simple greeting can tell a lot about you, starting from your eye-contact, gentle smile, handshake pressure, etc.

Body Odor

No excuses with this, as they going to definitely look out for how your smell. You must have a strong deodorant to keep yourself smell “neutral”, there are fantastic colognes that are available to make your lady fall in love with you instantly. Buy Now

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Voice Language

You don’t need to sound too audible to them rather make a pleasant voice (tone) just to get them heard. They don’t typically mind telling the same thing again when you request for a Pardon but too many times paves way to an awkward ending. Have a decent choice of words and an apt vocabulary, if you are so serious then you may empower yourself with a decent book. Buy Now

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