Five Best Places to Install Home Security Camera

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Keeping your house safe and secure from a burglar and other unknown identity is every house owner’s prime concern. Nobody likes to return to a house that has been robbed. Apart from robbing, there are a lot of security threats to a house that you would like to avoid at all cost. Having a complex lock system might evade some of the burglars, but the smart ones know how to break through them without a trace. One of the best ways to avoid these incidents is by installing home security cameras at the right place. Having a camera that does not cover the essential area of the house would make your camera useless. It is important to install them in the right place.

Here are the five best places to install home security cameras:


  1. Front Door
    It is the main entrance to your door and in view of every stranger. 34% of robbery happens from the front door. It would be a smart idea to install a camera in this place. Many people neglect the front door as it faces the street and is in the view from the neighbour areas. Make sure you install the camera as discreetly as possible. A camera that is easily in view can be destroyed by smashing it. Make sure the camera is at a good height and covers a good amount of area. It should be hidden slightly hidden by wires or other things.
  2. Back Door
    In a study, it was revealed that 22% of robbery happens through the back door. It is an obvious target for the robbers or any other person trying to enter your house. Backdoor entry is often targeted by the burglars as it is away from the usual sight and is often not secure. Make sure you have a camera that detects motions and informs you immediately. This would also be helpful in case you have small children that can wander off. Not just back doors make sure you have a camera at every door that can be used as in entry to your house. Also, keep these cameras out of reach and if possible out of sight also.
  3. Baby Room
    If you have a small baby that needs to be monitored during the day and night, you can install a camera in the baby room. Even if you have a baby monitor that alerts you with the slightest of sounds, having a CCTV camera has its own advantages. You can record and save videos of your baby. Apart from that, the camera will also alert you if there is a motion in the room which would make your baby safer and inform you of any intruder. If you have a nanny, go through all the legal rules concerning recording videos of the nanny in your country.
  4. Out of sight window
    While breaking in through doors is the usual and the most common path of any robber, windows are targeted by them too. Having a window that is usually out of sight from the general view could be a good way for burglars to enter your house. These out of sight windows are usually not in view from the streets and become the easiest route from which they can enter. Having a camera that gives you the view of these windows would be a smart decision. About 22% of burglars enter through these out of view windows. Make sure you have a good view of this area. You can also install a panic button to alert your entire family in case of any break-ins.
  5. Home Office
    If you have a home office or a study, it is most likely to be a good target by a burglar. A home office is a heaven for the robbers since it contains all the electronics and equipment. Installing a camera in your office would be a good idea to keep your things safe and secure. Your office also contains important paper like bank statements, chequebook, etc that could be misused if it comes in the wrong hand. Make sure you have the camera installed aiming at the window of your office and gives you a good view of someone entering through the door as well.The location of your house matters a lot while installing cameras. If your house is away from the street view, make sure you have cameras installed at every entry which gives you a good view of the surrounding.


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