Flower Garden vs Vegetable Garden – Pro’s and Con’s

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flowersEach and every mind is rolled out with the question-Why gardening is important? Well, here is your answer. Gardening involved in almost every aspect, let’s see this,

Community – Gardening is a group activity so that we can easily interact with each other.

Happiness – Gardening gives us positive feelings of self-sufficiency.

Health – We cannot breathe, eat or drink without cultivating the plants.

Environment – Cultivate plants gain fresh and nutritious food.

When planting out your garden, you’ll have the little bit of confusion on whether to incorporate vegetable or flowers. Each and everything in the world has both a positive and negative aspect’s, gardening is not an exceptional one.

So, both vegetable and flower garden has its own risks and rewards. Let’s have a detailed look at it and find out which type of garden is right for you.

Flower Gardening

Flower gardening turns an ordinary area into a colorful showcase or it creates a border that pops. They add instant color and charisma to any outdoor space, making it cherry, look beautiful and create enjoyable feelings for you and your visitor.

Pros of flower gardening

  • Planting flowers add more color and visual interest to any landscape, which increases the appeal of outdoor spaces. With colors ranging from Blue, Purple and deep red beautify your personal spaces, communities, and highways.
  • Flower gardening increases friendly and happy mood; incorporate a positive impact on people and increase a person’s overall feeling of well-being.
  • Digging and planting burns calories and increases the flexibility; stretches the body to increase elasticity in the muscles.
  • Flower gardening helps to remove pollutants from the air; reduce erosion and flooding.

Cons of Flower Gardening

  • The effort, cost and time to create a flower garden are purely for aesthetics.
  • All the pretty flowers always need some water and care even if you’re on holiday or out of town. If you want your beautiful blooms, you’ll have to arrange a friend or neighbors.
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Vegetable Garden

Nothing will taste better than home-grown vegetables. There’s absolutely nothing quite like fresh veggies, especially if you grow them by yourself. Like flower gardening, this also has some pros and cons.


  • We can cultivate chemical-free, fresh veggies, and it tastes too good.
  • Engage gardening with your children and increase the chances to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Growing own fruits and vegetables can offer you the opportunity to reduce the number of pesticides, which keeps you healthier.
  • The most important thing is, we can save money at the grocery store.


  • Gardening is an art; however, selecting seeds, watering, pruning, weeding, harvesting need some time. Basic things like seed trays, potting soil, fertilizer, Sprinklers, Shovel and hoses for gardening will costs huge.
  • Vegetables create lots of wastes if you haven’t maintained it properly. These wastes contain full of insects and snakes. Sometimes, improper maintaining of garden entails bites from mosquitoes, ticks, ants, hornets, bees, wasps, etc.

Analyze all those points and choose the one which suits you best. Whatever your choice might be, you have to protect your garden against any possible damage. Fencing is a great way to protect your garden. There are the numerous Chain Link Fencing supplies, select the best choice as per your preference. So, why are you waiting? Start planting more trees and feel the nature.s

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