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A good pricing for marketing strategy is a work of an experience. Today these organization looks for marketing tricks is necessary to enhance the profit in the business. Simple tricks can divert the attention of the customer towards the products or services of one’s business.

Instant discount offers

During the off-season when there is no holiday, then don’t wait for the other business to make an offer. To divert the attention of the customer one need to ensure that discount can come into play. Easy markdown of the prices below the MRP can still be profitable to the organization. This is a negotiation tactic often considered as an anchoring pricing strategy. It is one strategy where one can give the highest amount of discount possible to the customer who plays the first order and as the orders increase the discount offers reduces.

Pseudo pricing

If the anchoring pricing technique does not seem profitable or a viable option then the company can put different price tags for different products or services. They should make a variation of product or services having different price tags. With a slight difference of an amount of money customers could get a better product or service, so customers opt for the better one. This enhances the sale as the price differences seem very economical to a customer. To advertise your product, go with the attractive modern promotional products like hand fans, bamboo cork, danglers and more. Out of these, use hand fans for sales promotions and order your hand fans wholesale to advertise your brand.

Avoid giving a menu rate

It happens in most of the cases where inadequate pricing strategy can give an impression of a menu rate with the customer. In that case, the rate should be so arbitrary that a customer can understand it. Giving a menu card rate has an impression in the mind of a customer that it is actually very expensive. So to simplify this process the marketing team needs to understand the customer viewpoint and put before them that price that makes it sound inexpensive.

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Limited time offer

When presenting a catalog to the customer they should be informed that the organization has a limited product or service available to them. It’s like the customer needs to take a decision that it’s now or never. In that case, there could be chances that the customer might walk out. However, if a team is present that could give them a slight push before they walk out they then there could be a chance that organization might get the order. The customer doesn’t like the order to be taken away by anyone else.

Loss leader approach

Dropping prices and letting go few products or services cannot be a total loss to the organization. This is a very important marketing strategy whereby an organization can deliver a smart marketing strategy by removing the old stock or book more services. It will help to generate more sales during that period.

Odd-even pricing

The odd-even pricing structure is a pricing strategy where the price ends with an odd number but begins with the even number for example 5.99 or 5.97 instead of saying 6. This technique helps in fighting employee theft. One can avoid theft because once the employee registers the wrong the amount he will get caught.

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