Foods and vegetables to eat with and without starch – Pros and Cons

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Every vegetable contains proteins, vitamins, fibers, and minerals. As a person starts having vegetables on a regular basis, he/she can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, each vegetable stands out for its exceptional health benefits. Depending on one’s deficiency appropriate vegetables can provide a balanced diet. Presence of starch is essential to which the starch manufacturers in India are working with Food, Parma, and Nutrition industries.


Top 7 Nutritious Vegetables for Everyday meal:

  1. Spinach: The leafy green top stands number one in the health list. Reducing blood sugar level, rich in antioxidants, lowers the risk of cancer, etc. are few additional proven health benefits of Spinach.
  2. Broccoli: This belongs to the cauliflower, cabbage family. Containing rich Vitamin K and Vitamin C broccoli is taken in the form of soup, fried, and steamed ways.
  3. Carrots and Beetroot: Beetroot juices are highly recommended for improving hemoglobin and the heart’s health. Carrots are well known for Vitamin C helps in having a clear vision.
  4. Tomatoes: A glass of tomato juice can keep your lung, skin, stomach, and bladders healthier.
  5. Onions: A person with the highest intake of allium vegetables will have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Regular consumption of onion can reduce stomach cancer.
  6. Garlic: One of the best medicinal plants. Primarily used for treating cholesterol, heart diseases, fighting cancer, and blood sugar.
  7. Red cabbage: It is brimming with antioxidants and health-promoting properties. Have a healthy liver by regular intake of red cabbage.


Pros and cons of Starchy vegetables:

Starchy vegetables have equal strength and weakness. Before looking them let us discuss carbohydrates and its presence in food. Though carbs are often blamed for weight gain, they occupy the body’s main source energy. The over-consumption of carbs results in increased sugar level, weight gain and some disadvantages. The starch manufacturers in India are continually working to bring varieties in food products.



  • Best energy supplier to the body
  • Presence of fiber is an advantage to the body
  • Starchy vegetables are low in fat and sodium
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  • Raise in blood sugar level
  • Gain weight
  • Contains fewer vitamins, minerals, and proteins

Health benefits of having Vegetables:

The reason can go endless. Vegetables serve as a key essence containing nutrition to provide supplements to the body. Vegetables have an equal amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers to that of non-veg. Naturally, most vegetables are less in fat and calories. It is also important to buy fresh vegetables avoiding the rotten ones. Apart from protecting from diseases vegetables also help in having a good immunity level.


Choose your Vegetable:

  • Vitamin A- Sweet potatoes, Leafy vegetables, and Carrot
  • Vitamin B- Beans, Whole grain products, peas, and spinach
  • Vitamin C- Tomato, Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach
  • Vitamin K-Kale, leafy green vegetables, cabbage
  • Protein- Broccoli, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts
  • Mineral- Spinach, whole grains, broccoli, and beans
  • Fibers- Pease, cauliflower, carrot, Kidney bean, and other bean varieties

There is a vital growth in the starch industry. The modified starch manufacturers in India have been implementing tremendous ideas in expanding the product line.

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