Four Signs You May Need Orthopedics

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Orthopaedic is a medical area of expertise that focuses on the treatment, prevention, diagnosis of the disorders related to the skeleton or bones, muscle, joints, tendons, and ligaments deformity. If the orthopedic is specialized in this area and deals with the surgery of bones and ligaments then he is called as orthopedic surgeons or orthopedist.

Nowadays each and every age group member are suffering from bone problem whether it is young ones or the old ones all are having the problem of bones. Some problems are cure able like a broken bone a muscle stretch or pull, spasm in muscles but some are not even treatable even after going under surgery deformities occur in them permanently. Sometimes in pregnant women also need to concern the orthopedics doctor for her checkup. In addition, the one can concern the best fertility hospital in Chennai if one is suffering from the fertility issues.

One should always consider going for the best fertility center because it will not only provide you the best treatment but also provide you the best result and you will also be self-satisfied. Usually, during pregnancy, there is enlargement of the gravid uterus which will result in the changes in the maternal bodies. Pregnant women are most endangered to the muscle and bones injuries. Most of which problems can be treated and controlled while there is some complicated case which needs emergency surgical intercession. Problems seen that shows you need to consult the orthopedic doctor are-

  • Back pain- most of the pregnant ladies will suffer from it. This usually occurs due to the weight of the baby and non-uniform weight distribution in the abdomen region. One could for the back- strengthening exercise in a period of first and second trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome- it is disease condition in which the median nerve of the mother’s wrist is pinched. It is usually diagnosed with the pain, tingling, and numbness in the hand and fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is triggered due to the secretion and retention of the solution in the third trimester of the pregnancy. It is treated with the administration the cortisone injection in adequate doses.
  • Plantar fasciitis- it is the irritation of the broadband of tissue, called the fascia that joins the heel bone to the toe. It is also called a heel spur. Its cause of pain is due to the increase in the weight of the mother during the pregnancy period. Sometimes it becomes worse with the advancement of the pregnancy time.
  • Osteitis pubis-it is also inflammatory disorder affecting the bones at the front pelvis which is known as pubis symphysis. The root cause of this disorder is due to gain the weight of the mother and due to the abnormal position of the baby in the abdomen in the women.
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It is seen that the main problems and diseases that occur in the women in the pregnancy are due to the gain in the weight. So it is recommended that weight of the women should be maintained.

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