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I was actually watching some random productivity videos on Vimeo. All of a sudden, this video has got the fruitful information that everyone should make use of. With the power of just the free things available on Internet alone you and me can become truly a millionaire. This is really possible by making use of our common sense to simplify things.

Here are top Google Chrome extensions that helps to simplify our life. You can still continue reading this article, even if you are not a google chrome user. Why? Because you can share these resources with your google chrome user friends and colleagues. Show the world you are so humble to see others grow in their life as well.

Google Chrome web browser developed by Google has been used by billions across the world. The web browser is so simple yet powerful lets us to perform various tasks. With the add on feature like the Google Chrome Extension, the possibilities are endless on how we can simplify our daily tasks on the mega web browser.



“Google When” is a simple google chrome extension which displays you the links you have clicked before. Yes, you can view the links you have clicked on your google account settings. But with this extension you can find the links you have clicked and when exactly the action has been made. Simply put, you get the timestamps for visited links on google web browser.

Still if you are satisfied, then let me tell you that this extension is instrumental in helping you “not waste time on old links” and “bringing you statistical data alongside”. The biggest takeaway is that the extension is available completely for free in the google app store.

Download: Google When

Cost: Free



As the title of this extension implies, you can get the search results preview by using this google chrome extension. By default, whenever we search for something in the google search engine then we get text and URL results. In order to get results with site preview in the thumbnail you can opt this extension.

You do not to click on the link for it to display the thumbnail, simplify installing this extension and activating it in the web browser will scale up the percentage of productivity in your work.

Download: Search Preview

Cost: Free



Even though google chrome has been acclaimed by billion users around the world, it has still got complaints from users. The main complaint google chrome web browser gets is that it consumes a lot of memory(RAM). This eventually slows down the system and does not let other applications to perform with their full potential. This is where OneTab hops in with a solution to solve browsing problems and to save time in doing all the work without missing out anything unintentionally.

OneTab saves up to 95% memory and it reduces tab clutter in Google Chrome. We all have become that multitasking guy who manager ‘n’ number of tabs at a time. Having long list of tabs on your web browser is not a problem until you are not facing any memory issues in the system.

image credits: make use of
image credits: make use ofAs a matter of precaution, you can use OneTab extension. Whenever you are working on multiple tabs in the browser you can simply click on OneTab icon to convert all the tabs into a list. This list can be retrieved whenever you require to read or work on them.

Download: OneTab

Cost: Free


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