Freelance Jobs vs Salaried Jobs – Effective Tips for Job Seekers

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Nowadays, finding a right job is a dream for many people including graduates. People are ready to get a job which is available at the moment irrespective of their educational background. Many prefer to go monthly salaried job to manage their financial life and many consider it as the safest job for long term. On the other hand, there are some who give priority to their area of interest and willingness to work only on it, they land on freelance jobs.

Here we see the comparison between Salaried Employment and Freelance job and some effective tips for job seekers.

A salaried job is basically a full-time employee to a particular company. Usually 40 to 45 hours a week, overtime working is optional depends on company’s requirement. Most people think that salaried jobs have the high security of employment contract, even company give assurance to their employees through a permanent employment contract. This does not guarantee that they will never lose their jobs but they get legal protection against improper dismissal.

Here, the employees supposed to work within the rules of the organization in a structured manner. This might lead to less flexibility at work. They are responsible for the progress of the project and reporting to their manager. They work in a team and make the friendly environment and share credit among team members for a successful project completion.

Regular and steady monthly income is not only the major consideration why many people prefer a salaried job. Apart, there are many other benefits like overtime work incentives, paid leaves, parental leaves, educational reimbursement, medical insurance, provident fund and pension scheme.

People who are passionate on their field of interest more likely to be a Freelancer. Freelancers have high flexibility at work, they are the boss, they have the freedom to choose their work time, workplace and even the workloads. They can choose the clients with whom they want to work with, and responsible only to them. They plan, design and execute the projects as per their own terms. They always have room to learn new things and update their skills now and then to play all roles of business management like marketing, sales, accounting, development etc. Many freelancers prefer to learn additional courses like PMP Certification, ITIL Certification to get in-depth knowledge on project management.

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Their income is a direct result of their own effort. Unlike a salaried employee, freelancers get variable income every month, they should always be prepared themselves to balance their financial life considering there are no paid leaves, health insurance, provident fund and other safety nets. They must keep multiple projects in the pipeline as much as they could, to maintain stability. Freelancing gives professional freedom with better work-life balance.

The decision to be a freelancer or a salaried employee is absolutely depending on interest and lifestyle of an individual. Both are two different professional lifestyle models, it does not mean that one must adopt to any one model. A salaried employee could do any freelance job in their mean time. There is always a possibility for the transition.

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