Fruits & Veggies That Quench your thirst in This Summer

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It’s blazing out outside, you head indoors and race towards the AC remote. While still trying to get the machine on, you make a giant leap to your next best friend – the refrigerator. The door is open and as the cool air touches your body, you give a sigh of relief – heaven is here! The very next moment a chilled bottle of cola is spotted. You quickly reach out to it and gulp it down.


How many of us lived in this moment? Thumbs up! Even I too faced the same scenario. Summer is that time of the year when chilled beverages are probably most endearing to us. Under hot and humid conditions, our body tends to get dehydrated leading to a constant need to consume fluids. Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated—add these water-rich foods to your plate.



The name says it all, and watermelon is a perfect snack for summer, when the sun tends to siphon the moisture from your body. The brightly colored fruit is naturally sweet and can be added to a fruit salad or blended with a bit of lime juice and poured into a Popsicle mold.


Water isn’t the only benefit the fruit has to offer. One cup of melon balls also contains a plenty of vitamins C and A, which, respectively, promote the growth and repair of the body’s cells and help keep your bones, skin and eyes healthy. This fruit also tastes great grilled; slice it up, brush on some honey and get cooking.



Cucumbers are filled with water, and they’re versatile, too. This green vegetable makes a quick and easy addition to any salad or veggie tray, served with a dip that combines fat-free plain Greek yogurt and blend of herbs and spices.


For an extra dose of hydration and a tasty afternoon refreshment, add cucumber slices to a tall glass of cold H20. Sweeten the deal with a lemon wedge or two and a sprig of mint. To intensify the flavors, muddle your spa water ingredients before topping with ice and filtered water.

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Nothing says “sweet” quite like biting into a ripe, red strawberry. Beneath their seeded exterior, strawberries contain a wealth of water, about 91 percent. They’re also packed with vitamin C and fiber, making them helpful for protecting the vitality of your body’s cells and keeping digestion regular.


Enjoy strawberries any time of day, in a smoothie, atop a yogurt parfait or bowl of whole grain oats or tossed into a lunchtime salad, with chopped walnuts, spinach and grilled chicken breast. For a guiltless dessert, dunk a plump berry in a bit of melted dark chocolate it only tastes sinful. You can even make cakes and topped it with a bowl of ice cream. To make the cake fluffy, sprinkle a pinch of corn starch which is made available from many of the starch exporters or starch manufacturers in India.



The long, green stalks are low in calories, with just 10 in a large stalk, but rich in vitamins A and K, making celery good for your immune system and blood health. The high water content helps keep you hydrated, while the fiber fills you up and curbs your appetite.


Try dunking your freshly washed sticks into a tablespoon go all-natural peanut butter or creamy hummus for a low-calorie snack that’s sure to sate afternoon hunger. Or chop the veggie into bite-sized pieces and add to a green salad or homemade soup.



This sweet fruit tastes like dessert, but you needn’t feel guilty about eating it. The tender melon is low in calories—60 calories per cup—and packed with nutrients, and makes a great addition to a fruit salad or a yogurt smoothie.


The same serving contains more than a day’s-worth of vitamins A and C and even a bit of plant-based protein. These nutrients help keep your body working the way it should, so don’t be afraid to eat up.

Have a happy, healthy, and hydrated summer!

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