Future Evolution of Chatbots: Use Chatbots now!


Is this the year you bring your bot to life? Then, it’s your right time to go ahead, the bot boom has begun. Yes, by 2022 over 85% of companies will offer live chat on their websites or on mobile devices to interact with the customer. On that line, after Facebook introduced their own bot feature, so far 18, 000 companies had created their own branded chatbots with the help of Facebook platform.

On that trend, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more companies had been hard at work to integrate their own chatbot features. Overall, the evolution of bots is on the cusp of a new frontier that pairs with the power of natural human language with the advanced machine intelligence.

Why bots become the boom in this digital world?

To be precise, many more high-end firms are started to explore bots and finding the different ways to implement them. And, for the good reason, bots are the new block and it is fashionable and profitable for business. Why because we all using 3-5 apps per day as an average. As app fatigue hits, more developers had tried to find new and more intuitive ways by undergoing the qtp training in Chennai to deliver their wares to their ever-evolving customers.

And, so today chatbots seem to be a natural fit to meet out the demand for customers, enhance customer experience, offer instant answers and intuitive connectivity. Therefore, chatbots are becoming a new trend out of the shelves in the technology waves.

Tips To Create Bots-Create Your Owns

Find Your Customer Need

Firstly, if you’re going to build a bot, make sure it is going to be better than your existing app. But, when it comes to bots, a better approach is to take a long and deeper look at your business model. Yes, consider the case of ordering pizza, for this building a bot will create a more streamlined and intuitive experience one in which user don’t need to leave the platform they’re already in.

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Not logging in and having to learn the interface means much less friction for the end user. Overall, if you have an app that works well and is loved by users to pull any traction your bot will have to be a whole lot better than that app.

Use Natural Language Processing

Bots are useful when they make things more streamlined and are less so when they are reminiscent of those annoying automated phone trees. Bots that use the principles of NLP for their scripting can store information about past requests and queries, and understand the context behind words, making the whole experience more integrated and intuitive.

Iterate, iterate & iterate

Nothing in life, especially in bots, should ever stop evolving or get too complacent with the status quo. Make sure to keep testing and retesting your ideas. Don’t be afraid to tweak a good thing in search of a great thing. For this, performance testing plays a huge role. So, start to enroll your certifications in the JMeter training in Chennai.

Embrace Simplicity

Follow the famed KISS (keep it simple stupid) rule of thumb. Don’t try to get your bot to do too much at first. if it’s overwhelming, your users will drop it like a two-week-old burrito left out on a hot day. Try to use simple, concise language and stay away from jargon wherever possible. Strip away any and all extras to deliver a straightforward experience.

Bringing All Together

The goal for building your bot should be all about solving user’s problems in a straightforward and engaging way. If your bot can do this, it will be well on its way to becoming a valued player in your customer experience strategy. Six months from now, you and your bot will be all the better for it.

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