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With our busy work and other schedules in our day today life it is very important to maintain our body fit and healthy. Our physical fitness should be taken care at high priority when compared to all other works. We should take care of every organ in our body this will surely help us a lot to maintain our body fit and disease free for long years. By keeping your organs healthy you can enjoy your life which gifted by god.

Schedule your food habit based on your health, try to take all kind of foods (it can be vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian) that give energy to your body and this will really help you a lot to run your life without any problem for a long years, especially during your old age. Please do avoid foods which force you to face the obesity related issues.

Have a detailed list of vegetables that is viable in market and create your tat accordingly. Try to use them at least for once in a week, by following this we can live a healthy life. In general most of the people use to avoid many vegetables, but it is not a best practice to continue.

For example Cabbage, it is basically good for health especially for male and many people are avoiding this vegetable for simple reason, it will give an easy way to cold viruses to affect our body easily. If we have enough immunity on our body we need not worry to take these kinds of vegetables. Try to take all vegetables at a regular intervals and keep you body strong and healthy. Do not convince yourself that you do not like this food or I like that food, something like that. You should be wide open to take any kind of food that gives energy for your organs, actually for your body indeed.

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