German Guy Swims to Work Every Day Because He Just Hates Traffic

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A German guy takes the traditional route to work, swims all the way back and forth most of the days. Well, who wouldn’t have terrified with today’s city traffic, ever heard continuous honking, and slow-moving lanes. There is an infamous quote read “You are not stuck in the traffic, you are the traffic!”, which makes a lot of sense isn’t it?

Image credits: BBC

We continuously use to the lifestyle of complaining the city traffic and how hard is to get to anywhere. We forget to remind ourselves and others that we are even a solid reason behind the hectic traffic and business hour jams. This man from Munich, Germany with a love to the traditional water ways used long ago for trading and commuting purposes, decided to revive the same to commute to work by swimming.


Image credit: Story Pick
Image credit: Story Pick

This is an indigenous idea from Mr. Benjamin David to swim 2 KM distance to work which benefits him in a number of ways. Swimming is a natural exercise even though it gets him untidy in the ISAR river. He hates the traffic and never really in a hurry to travel to work by bus, train, autos, metros.

He would have taken a personal bike ride but still it involves certain process of policies of maintaining on a particular lane, need for parking spaces and what not. Whereas by swimming on his way with typically designed water proof bag which also helps him in just floating in the water for a while.

For safety reasons, he always takes into consideration of the weather conditions, water current, water level, and other important meteorological factors. He doesn’t care about the people who laugh at his decisions and those who judge how bad he could smell in office and all.


Love those keyboard activists he says “They just blabber hate on others thoughts and stuff on to social media platforms but never really cares to make a progress onto anything at all”. He never minded the naysayers.

The world needs people like Mr. Benjamin David, who could avoid complaining about the daily problems and builds up a creative solution for the collective good. All we want is just laid before our disposal, it is up to us to consume it or keep whining like everybody else. Finally, we have got a legitimate question thought. LOL…


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